[PIC/VID] 180502 Tohoshinki to Star in a “Tensai Bakabon 3” (the drama) Episode as Hotel Staff (to air 5/4, 9PM JST)

It looks like Tohoshinki had filmed previously for NTV’s “Tensai Bakabon 3” (the drama version) as “hotel man” (staff)! stills and a video message have been shared on the official website and news articles~

Episode to air on 5/4 (Fri) at 21:00~22:54 JST! their official website: here.

Although this is not Tohoshinki’s first time together appearing in a J-drama (first was their BG appearance in Fuji TV’s saki), but this is their first time appearing together as official side characters~


[cr: Natalie]




Tohoshinki’s comment:

Uploaded officially (viewable only in Japan):

[cr: 日テレ公式チャンネル]

Or check our re-upload here:



Tohoshinki in episode preview:


Full preview:


Tohoshinki’s Cut:


[cr: @kzyc_cy]




As indicated above,
Post Written and Shared by TVXQ! Express




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