[PIC/Fanacc] 180513 Yunho and MBC’s Dunia Cast at Incheon Airport Back from Japan

Yunho went to Japan, apparently to Okinawa, with MBC’s Dunia cast crew for a one-week filming, and they just came back arriving at Incheon airport!

He seems to be in good spirit and looks handsome! welcome back! we hope you rest well before you two start preparing for Nissan~ ^^

Mentioned at the end of this post: a cute fanaccount about the Dunia cast helping Yunho taking photos with a Changmin standee at the airport > w <!


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[Changmin IG] 180512 Changmin Shares Memories from Cho Yong Pil’s 50th Anniversary Concert + Mentions Yunho and Replies to Comment

Accompanied by TRAX’s Jungmo, Changmin attended Cho Yong Pil’s 50th Anniversary concert!, he mentioned that regretfully Yunho had filming (or else he would have come) and tagged his show Dunia ♥!

Cho Yong Pil recently sent a congratulatory flower wreath to TVXQ’s concert circle which the boys shared on Instagram, and TVXQ did the same as well for Cho Yong Pil’s concert beside Changmin attending himself as they promised ^^*

It looks like he had enjoyed himself a lot despite the rainy weather~



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[Instagram] 180511 On Yunho’s Kindergarten Class Meeting Changmin During a Past Police Mascot Show + Yunho Calling Changmin During 72 Hours Filming

It looks like the children had met Changmin in the past during a police mascot show!! and the teacher also mentioned how Yunho called Changmin during their 72 hours show to check up on him~


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