[Instagram/TW] 180520 Yesung: “My younger brother, Yun-ho, sent me a car. Cheer up !! #바라보다 #고각웃음 #쁘이 #엄지척 👍🏻 힘난다 #유노윤호 💋”

Yunho sending his photos and selfies~ > w <!!!

From Yesung’s twitter and instagram:


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[Instagram] 180519 More Soldiers Share Selfies with Changmin from his Reservist Training

Today, as well as some posted yesterday, more soldiers are posting photos with Changmin, who is undergoing a reservist training~ ^^!

According to one of them, it seems it was a total of 4 days (already finished by 5/18?)



Shared 180519:


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