[Changmin IG] 180512 Changmin Shares Memories from Cho Yong Pil’s 50th Anniversary Concert + Mentions Yunho and Replies to Comment

Accompanied by TRAX’s Jungmo, Changmin attended Cho Yong Pil’s 50th Anniversary concert!, he mentioned that regretfully Yunho had filming (or else he would have come) and tagged his show Dunia ♥!

Cho Yong Pil recently sent a congratulatory flower wreath to TVXQ’s concert circle which the boys shared on Instagram, and TVXQ did the same as well for Cho Yong Pil’s concert beside Changmin attending himself as they promised ^^*

It looks like he had enjoyed himself a lot despite the rainy weather~



윤호형은 촬영가서 아쉽지만!ㅜ ‘가왕’이라는 단어 하나면 다 설명이 되는 경이로운 공연이였다… 정모형이랑 나오면서 둘다 할말을 잃었다…👍🎤


Too bad Yunho hyung was away on a shoot, but!ㅜ it was a glorious performance that could be described by a single word, ‘king’… jungmo hyung and I were both lost for words on our way out… 👍🎤

Changmin updated then the post with the hashtags above:

#KingOfSingers #Sir #ChoYongPil #チョヨンピル #Choyongpil #AnotherLevel #NationalTreasure #ADifferentClass #MaxChangmin #Jungmo #Uknowyunho #Dunia

Text on flower wreath: 

“SM entertainment TVXQ” “Sir Cho Yong Pil, King of Singers! Congratulations on your 50th anniversary concert”

[cr: Translations by @janieTVXQ]


다시 봐도 경이롭다….☔🎤🎶🙈👍🙏


Glorious even on second watch….☔🎤🎶🙈👍🙏
#Sir #PleaseMakeItLonger #CarefulNotToCatchTheCold #Praying #oowahoowahoowahoo 🙈 #yoohoohoohoohoohoo

[cr: Translated by @janieTVXQ]


모나리즈아 모나리즈아 나를 술푸게 하네에에!!!!🎶


모나리즈아 모나리즈아 나를 술푸게 하네에에!!!!🎶

Video Translation:

😂 changmin being all fanboy when
Cho Yong-pil: shall I do more???
Changmin: yesssss!!

[cr: Translated by @snxy]


[cr: changmin88: here, here and here]


Also from TRAX’s Jungmo who was the first to post about the event:


Jungmo’s post about having gone to CYP’s 50th anni concert with Changmin, saying (it was so good, there was )really no need for words and even if he died, he’d have no regrets.

Changmin Liked it and Left a comment:

Changmin: i think i won’t be able to get over it for awhile..🙈

[cr: pureandsexy: here, Screencap by @1226y_c, Translated by @snxy]


and posted by others:

[cr: urbansource_: here]



Changmin’s Replies to Comments:



Jungmo, Lee Teuk, and Yesung leaving comments

as well as his trainer~


[cr: Screencaps by @206218T]


fans commented on changmin’s post that oppa should know when to give it (his post was asking for CYP’s concert to go on longer)
Changmin (up) : i already know huhu

Changmin (below): that’s right. when i’m going to give up, i have to give up huhu.

[cr: screencap by @tvxqcavely, Translated by @snxy]






And as indicated above,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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