[Instagram] 180507 Chef Choi Hyun Seok Praising Changmin During their Time Filming the 72 Hours and Changmin Comments + Photos with Fellow Chefs~

Chef Choi Hyun Seok, whom Changmin follows, posted praising his personality and hardwork as Chef Shim~ ^^


그와 함께했던72시간..
그냥 예능이 아니었고 그냥 출연자가 아니었다
그는 한명의 셰프였습니다
늘 행주를 가지고 다니면서 닦고 또 닦고..
모든일에 열심히 했던 성실함과 인성이 오늘에
최강창민을 있게 했음을 알게해줍니다
주방팀 모두가 그와 함께했던 시간 내내 즐거웠습니다

심셰프 늘 건강하고 행복하고 흥해랏!!! #동방신기 #최강창민 #셰프심창민 #东方神起
#tohoshinki #トンバンシンギ #최셰프


Chef Shim.. the 72 hours that I had with him.. it wasn’t only for entertainment not was he only a performer. He was one of the chefs. Always with a dishcloth, he would be wiping and wiping again while going back and forth.. the character ans sincerity that he had while working hard at everything, it was today that I came to know that there is a Choikang Changmin. Everyone in the kitchen enjoyed the entire time with him. Chef Shim, always be healthy, happy and thrive!!


Changmin’s comment:

Changmin: chef-nim, you flatter me.. 🙈 as i’ve also finished controlling my diet, i’ll come to find you in soonㅎㅎ

[cr: crazypenne: here via @snxy]



Changmin with fellow chefs shared back on 180501~


인생샷한방!!촬영기간너무행복했어요ㅜ잊지못할추억만들어주셔서감사합니다형님~ #동방신기 #최강창민 #셰프심창민 #동방신기의72시간


saying the period of filming had been a very happy one. Thank you very much hyungnim for the unforgettable memories~

[cr: chst_k: here]




as indicated above,
Translated by @snxy: 1 and 2,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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