[VID/Trans] 180531 SHINee’s Key Shares a Story about Changmin on Radio Star; Yunho Mentioned as Well~

Key telling a story about Changmin with Minho and Taemin ^^! Yunho was mentioned in the show for his well-known passion along with Minho~


Video Cut:



Radio Star – Key: That time Changmin (DBSK) told Minho to call Taemin to play games together but Minho went just without telling Taemin. So when Changmin met Taemin, he said “Ah.. Taemin, it would have been nice if you came.” And Taemin said he didn’t know about that.

[cr: Video Cut by @SuperstarSCMin, Translations by @MINHOLE,]


About Yunho:


SHINee is the guest for Radio Star tonight and they were talking about passionate line in SM ㅋㅋㅋ which consists of Suho, Minho and U-Know Yunho! All their names end with “Ho~


[cr: Translated by @BUNNYMYE0N]




Video Cut by @SuperstarSCMin,
Translations by @MINHOLE,
Yunho’s mention Translated by @BUNNYMYE0N,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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