[AUD/Lyrics] 180718 Song Previews of JP Versions of 東方神起 Changmin’s In A Different Life and Yunho’s Drop are Now on mu-mo as Chaku-Uta Releases!

Chaku-Uta (ringtones) releases have been made available on mu-mo for the new Japanese versions of Yunho and Changmin solo songs! So you can listen to three previews of each song now on mu-mo (Songs to be released on Road Single on 180725)~


Audio Previews:

  • Drop – Yunho from 東方神起: here.
  • In a Different Life – CHANGMIN from 東方神起: here.

As well as Road~



Partial Lyrics:

A fan tried to write down the lyrics of the songs by ear and we are posting her efforts! Below are the lyrics in Japanese of In a Different Life (which was also written by Changmin) and Drop (which is missing lyrics that are hard to hear so no translations below) 



Drop – Japanese version:


Drop it low
未来は Veilに まだ見えないけど
3.2.1 Drop

激情的 情報の時代
言った通りだろう 予想通りだろう

これ以上は待たない Miracle
誇りの上 かかれた Oracle
○○まで ユラユラユラ

*** 捨てられた真実

I can’t explain hard this feeling
ネガティブ○○○ ○○○ いらないから

○○○ Drop it low
*** Drop it low
○○○ Drop it low
*** Drop it low


○○○ Drop it low
*** Drop it low
○○○ Drop it low
*** Drop it low



In a Different Life – Japanese version:

町を照らす あの光が

微笑む 夕日が馴染んでる

In a Different Life 風が運んでる
In a Different Life 君の声



The beam that lights the town,
sometimes it’s too dazzling.
There are times when I have to close my eyes

Beyond the passing stream, the smiling sunset is familiar.

In a Different Life, the wind is carrying
In a Different Life, your voice.


[cr: Lyrics via @Shim_Ls2v2: 1 and 2, Changmin’s Lyrics Translation by @clefaire]






mu-mo: 1, 2, and 3,
and as we indicated above,
Post written and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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