[Instagram/TW] 180720 DAIGO with Tohoshinki Backstage at Music Station Exchanging Signed CDs + Changmin Like and Comment

DAIGO-san posted on Instagram about Tohoshinki! Changmin liked his post and left a comment~ ^^

(also check out how big the new road single photobook version is compared to past releases cases *__*)!!



Photo tags: yunho2154 and changmin88



Translation of DAIGO CD signed messages to Yunho and Changmin:

to changmin: you are always cool!

to yunho: I’m honored to be with you

[cr: Translated by @changdoll]



Shared on his twitter (@Daigo19780408) as well:








Changmin’s like and comment:

Changmin: 🤟🤟🤟Wish🤟🤟🤟

{p/n: Changmin is referring to DAIGO wish pose~} 


[cr: screencaps by @MAXmingshun]



According to DAIGO-san’s IG, at the opening, he asked Tohoshinki for taking a pic together later, and changmin said Sure! with a smile. At this moment, maybe?

[cr: @changdoll, video by @sato4531]





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