[Changmin/Yunho IG] 180720 Tohoshinki Posting about DAIGO “Both Yunho and I thought (his) song was beautiful..” + “..congratulations on your marriage^^”

Our boys also posted the same photo DAIGO-san posted about them together, Changmin in Japanese mentioning himself and Yunho liking the song, and Yunho in Korean congratulating him on his marriage~ ^^


Changmin IG:

Changmin reposted the photo from DAIGO~

久しぶりのMステだったしDAIGOさんとも写真も撮って楽しかった。ww すごくすてきな曲だなとユンホも俺も思った。👍signまでしてくださるなんてDAIGOさん優しい🤟 ありがとうございました😊

Photo tags: daigo_breakerz_ and yunho2154


Been a while since Music Station and was so happy to be able to take a picture with DAIGO san. Both Yunho and I thought (his) song was beautiful. 👍 it’s so nice of him that he willed to give us his sign 🤘 thank you so much 😊

[cr: Translated by @clefaire ]



Yunho IG:

오랜만에 나간 엠스테 좋고 설렜고~
다이고상 너무 친절하신!!! 너무 늦었지만 다시 한 번 결혼 축하 드립니다^^

Photo tags: changmin88daigo_breakerz_yunho2154 and tvxq.official


I was so happy and excited to be on M-STATION for the first time in a long time ~
DAIGO-san was is so kind!!! I’m very late but once again, congratulations on your marriage^^

[cr: Translated by @janieTVXQ]






changmin88: here and yunho2154: here,
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