[PIC/Trans] 180725 Bigeast Staff Report: #東方神起 First Single in 2018 #Road has been Released Today!!



Hello All Bigeasts!

Today July 25th, Tohoshinki released the first single of 2018, “Road”. This single album includes Yunho and Changmin’s solo songs. Yunho has his Drop in Japanese ver. and Changmin has “In a Different life”, respectively. Changmin wrote the lyric of this song in Japanese for the very first time. There are three types of album covers so I guess it is hard for you to pick one ^_^.

The MV was shot in the magnificient natural landscape. We were lucky because the weather was fantastic and were able to capture the great view of nature. The two of them really enjoyed the view of Obihiro for the first time and said, “We are able to fully enjoy the nature and this is a very relaxing place~!” They took a lot of pictures.

When we shot the scene near the goat farm, Changmin went closer to goats with his hands full of grass that he pulled out from the ground. Many of baby goats gathered and they tried to eat grass from Changmin’s hands. “Wow, so many of them came! but they are so cute.” Changmin played with them a little in order to get the best shot with baby goats.

Yunho, on the other hand, was enjoying a ship of iced coffee at the open terrace and relaxing. “Wow, Yunho-san, you look great!” and we turned our camera on him. “Do I look great like I am in a photobook?” He gave us refreshing/pleasant smile and posed for camera.

The two of them give you the best shot during the MV shooting!!

I believe that you have already checked out the Shibuya “Tohoshinki Road” celebrating the release of this single “Road”. If you haven’t, please check it out, Yunho and Changmin will greet you in every direction.

And this weekend, we will have “SMTOWN LIVE 2018 IN OSAKA”! Please enjoy their new song, “Road” and let’s get through this hot summer together!




Tohoshinki Official Fan Club Bigeast Website,
Translated by @beriko0214,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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