[VID/DL] 180825 TV LIVE Broadcast of Headliner Tohoshinki’s Performance for 2018 a-nation 8/25 Concert at Ajinomoto Stadium, Tokyo

Tohoshinki were the headliner for 2018 a-nation Tokyo performance’s first day (on 8/25) at Ajinomoto Stadium! They delivered amazing stages with Toho band and dancers despite the hot weather, dancing hard and singing beautifully 11 songs for about a full hour in the outdoor venue~

The concert was broadcast live through Music ON TV, video and (temporary) download links can be found below. Translations of some of the talk are in the previous post.


[cr: @anation_navi]

Set list: 

01. Reboot
02. Android
03. Superstar
-Talk 1-
04. Road
05. Bolero
-Talk 2-
06. Purple Line
07. Why? Keep Your Head Down
-Toho Band and Dancers Introduction-
08. We are!
09. Ocean
10. Summer Dream
11. Somebody to Love
-Talk Ending-




  • MC 1

  • MC 2
  • MC 3

[cr: Tomatodrip | @tvxqdrip]



  • 180825 M-ON! a-nation at Tokyo 1st day – Tohoshinki Cut [ts; 4.72GB]: here (expires 180902).

[cr: Link by @enirtvxq]


  • 180825 M-ON! a-nation at Tokyo 1st day – Tohoshinki Cut [ts; 5.26Gb]: here (expires 180902).
  • 180825 M-ON! a-nation at Tokyo 1st day – Tohoshinki Cut [ 1080p; 1.96Gb]: here (expires 180902).

[cr: Links by @chadori_: 1 and 2




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