[Yunho IG] 180825 Yunho Congratulating BoA on her 18th Anniversary + Liked by Changmin and BoA

Yunho posted congratulating BoA on her 18th anniversary (debut on 25/08/2000)! Both of Tohoshinki and BoA performed at the 2018 a-nation Tokyo performance’s first day (on 8/25) at Ajinomoto Stadium, and the photo seems to be of her backstage.

Congratulations~ ^^*

The post was liked by Changmin as well as BoA

Yunho IG:

“보아 선배 18주년 축하드립니다~🎉
진짜 오랫동안 멋진 무대 보여줘서 고마워~❤
앞으로도 멋진 모습 기대할게^^!!🙏 보아 최고👍🏻
우리도 15주년!! 진짜 시간 빠르다~”

Photo tags: boakwon


“BoA sunbae, congratulations on 18 years~🎉
thank you for showing us amazing stages for so long~❤
I’ll keep looking forward to more^^!!🙏 BoA you’re the best👍🏻
we’re in our 15th too!! Time flies~”


Liked by Changmin:

[cr: @loveyunhosama]





yunho2154: here,
Translated by @janieTVXQ,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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