[Yunho IG] 180923 Yunho Shares Photos from Dunia and Thanks Crew After the Broadcast of Last Episode + Liked by Changmin

Yunho updating from Japan about Dunia as the last episode of this season was broadcast! he thanks Dindin for helping him with some of the photos and he thanked the MBC crew for their hardwork~
Photos were liked by Changmin ^^


Yunho IG:



#두니아 마지막 촬영 현장에서
#포토바이딘딘 @dindinem 너 사진 진짜 잘찍는다!! 너무 고마워^^


on the set of the last filming of #Dunia
#PhotosByDinDin @ dindinem you’re a really great photographer!! Thanks so much^^



#두니아 @mbcdunia 함께 촬영 하면서 더운 여름날 다들 고생 많았지만, 챙기는 맘이 너무 따뜻했던 두니아 식구들, 스텝 여러분 모두 너무 너무 수고하셨습니다~! 그리고 두니아 멤버들 덕분에 매 순간 너무 행복했어^^


#Dunia @ mbcdunia #두니아 although we suffered in the summer heat together, the Dunia family and staff were so kind taking care of each other – thank you for your hard work~! And I was happy every moment thanks to the Dunia members^^



Yunho’s two posts liked by Changmin:


[cr: @Shim_Ls2v2]



Dindin leaving a comment:


[cr: @mayamin26]





yunho2154: here and here,
Translated by @janieTVXQ: here and here,
screencaps as indicated above,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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