[Compilation] 181003 Tohoshinki Attends SUPER JUNIOR-D&E Japan Tour 2018 ~Style~ at Tokyo International Forum Hall A

Tohoshinki went to support their juniors SUPER JUNIOR-D&E Japan Tour 2018 ~Style~ concert at Tokyo International Forum Hall A on 181003!

The duo were reported to cheer with the fans enthusiastically, and when Eunhyuk and Donghae called Yunho to dance he responded passionately while Changmin was laughing beside him XD!

Check out the cute fancaccounts and videos~ ^^



[cr: @kyutiekyuu]


[cr: Qruiting: here]


Tohoshinki’s seats~

[cr: @RapBasquiatTOP]



  • D&E joking that Tohoshinki don’t know much Japanese and Changmin going along


Eunhyuk: Can you talk in Japanese?
Eunhyuk: Have you studied (Japanese) recently?
Eunhyuk: Keep it up~

[cr: @8693_1015, Translated by @joeylfy]


  • D&E calling Tohoshinki, and Tohoshinki waving to fans and bowing

[cr: HyukieVN: here]


  • Yunho’s dance break and Changmin laughing and waving beside him: here or here.


[cr: 日本菲菲: here or here]




Fanaccount by @sjworld:

  • The second gift is…TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin are here as well to support Donghae and Eunhyuk! They are currently touring as well so they are staying in Japan too!
  • After D&E asked fans to show their towels, they asked Kangin if he had a STYLE fan towel and Kangin didn’t. They then asked TVXQ if they had it and the camera showed both yunho and Changmin waving their towels. Then Eunhyuk called Kangin baka baka(pabo in Japanese)


Fanaccount by @kyutiekyuu:

  • Hahah tvxq really so popular as soon as they appeared on the screen 2 seconds later the girl infront of me already pulled out q tvxq lightstick 😂


Translated by @clefaire:

  • Tohoshinki on D&E’s con today😂
    (Pls tell me if I guess the emoji wrong w)
    Eunhyuk: since today is the last Tokyo concert, we have a souvenir! Tohoshinki!
    (Eunhyuk introduced Toho meanwhile the audience..)
    Eunhyuk: HEY, LOOK AT HERE!
    Donghae: DON’T LOOK AT THEM, LOOK AT HERE! 😂 [cr: @chaaakism]
  • During Oppa Oppa, EunHae went ‘Go Yunho! Go Yunho!’ and Yunho raised up from his seat at the 2nd floor and danced with all his might. HAHA. Chami laughed seeing that. 😂😂 [cr: @VeGzCeyFz2qsXHt]
  • During the VCR before encore, Chami was laughing so hard and because his laughter was very distinctive it got everyone laugh too LOL [cr: @ruu_lt_kh1004]



Translated by @2beTVXQ:

  • Eunhyuk? said TVXQ are here even though they are busy with the TOMORROW tour …… just because we went their concert once.
  • [cr: @krm327]
  • He also said “TVXQ’s Japanese is not good so I’ll talk in Korean for them. TVXQ! Can you speak Japanese?” Then TVXQ! (YH? Or CM?) said “A little bit ” [cr: @krm327]

Translated by @ihavebeensober:

  • 2018/10/3 D&E concert As soon as Yunho & Changmin we’re introduced, ppl went crazy and started screaming. totally out of control. 🐒 Calm down, everybody, please take a seat.
    ELF : Eeeeeeeeeee!!(keep screaming)
    🐒 get out of here, everybody!
    😂😂😂😂😂 [cr: @yukinatsumi318]




as we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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