[Trans/DL/TW] 181002 Tohoshinki’s Recent Appearance on JP TV Music Live Show

Tohoshinki appeared in NHK’s live music show「Utakon」on 181002 (19:30-20:15 JST) and performed Road, sending a message of hope to Hokkaido and all the regions in Japan currently suffering from natural disasters.

After the performance many fans tweeted their thanks to the duo, and it was featured as a moment on twitter Japan ^^

[cr: NHK Utakon blog (181005): here]

Talk Translation:

{t/n: utacon (uta=song con=concert in JPN)}

Yunho: It has been awhile we are on this stage in the NHK Hall, but everyone greeted us so kindly and I am really grateful to that. We’re looking forward to performing on this stage.

Changmin: I guess the first thing we think of Hokkaido is white snow in winter but this time when we visited there, I thought that the green covered nature was so beautiful. Today, I wish to do my best in singing while remembering the beautiful Hokkaido.

[cr: Translated by @beriko0214]



  • 181002 NHK “Utakon” ( Tohoshinki’s cut) [ts; 556MB] : here (expires 10/10)

[cr: Download link by @enirtvxq: 1, and 2,]


Twitter and Trends:

Tohoshinki’s Road spotted trending by us on twitter Japan at 9:10 and at 9:05 JST, respectively.


Fans’ “thank you” regarding Tohoshinki’s “Road” on Utakon was made into a TV moment on twitter Japan:

Please like it and tweet: here.

[cr: @MomentsJapan: here and here]


Hot Words in Japan:

No.1 #Utakon.
No.2 #Tohoshinki
No.3 #Tomorrow
No.7 Changmin
No.8 Road
No.11 Yunho

[cr: via @panee0202]


Some news outlets writing about it, like ModelPress: here.





Translation by @beriko0214,
Download link by @enirtvxq: 1, and 2,
and as indicated above,
Post Written and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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