[News-Kpop Herald] 181004 TVXQ Yunho’s ‘passionate break-dance’ during Super Junior D&E concert


TVXQ Yunho’s ‘passionate break-dance’ during Super Junior D&E concert


Yunho of TVXQ is apparently a man of passion, with the phrase “I am U-Know Yunho” recently trending among Twitter users as an expression of self-empowerment.

And the singer once again exuded fiery energy at Super Junior D&E’s recent “Style” concert in Tokyo on Wednesday.

Yunho was spotted at the concert with his longtime bandmate Changmin, supporting their labelmates by waving light sticks.



While performing the duo’s hit “Oppa Oppa,” Eunhyuk of Super Junior D&E replaced one of the song’s verses with “I say Yunho, You say oppa,” and Donghae pointed at the TVXQ member, shouting out “Dance Time!”

Without a single moment of hesitation, Yunho break-danced energetically to the upbeat song while Eunhyuk and Donghae chanted “Go Yunho.” Changmin, who was next to Yunho, was spotted laughing.

Fans have been commenting on a clip featuring Yunho, saying, “That’s Yunho, the man of passion,” “Its’s so funny that Changmin is laughing so hard” and “He is so passionate that it’s almost like he’s at his own concert.”

A veteran K-pop idol, Yunho has been gaining recognition as an icon of passion for his positive personality.


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Yunho was spotted trending No.1 on Korean twitter on the morning of 181003


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