[Instagram] 181006 Kyuhyun Shared an Old Photo with Changmin and Siwon when they Attended his Solo Concert Back on 161029

Back on 161029, Changmin and Siwon attended Kyuhyun’s solo concert “Reminiscence of a Novelist” during their break.

Kyuhyun shared a photo with them from then, thanking them, and Changmin both liked and left a comment ^^



10월 6일을 맞아 10시 6분에 올리는 월간 보라알입니다 보라알은아니지만 그러려니 해주세요 요즘 열심히 살고있는 두 사람이 저를 응원하러 왔던 상황입니다 지금은 반대가 되었죠 허허허허허헣 2년전 사진이네요 늘 고맙고 사랑한다 최의원 심촹 #심창민 #최시원


Two people who have been living to the fullest these days came to support me…Congressman Choi, Shim Chwang, always thank you and love you.


[cr: Translated by @WeLoveChoiSiwon]


Changmin’s comment:

[cr: @206218T]



161029 Changmin after Kyuhyun’s solo concert “Reminiscence of a Novelist”

[cr: via @WeLoveChoiSiwon]



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