[Compilation] 181021 東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2018~ TOMORROW ~ at Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena, Hokkaido

Third and last day of『Tohoshinki LIVE TOUR 2018~TOMORROW~』at Makomanai Sekisui Heim Ice Arena, Hokkaido has been completed successfully! Concert started at 16:05 and finished at 19:00 [cr: @anywhere4you]. Encore tshirts were white [cr: @anywhere4you]!

Tohoshinki shared more photos and videos from their last trip in Hokkaido for Road MV filming and commented on them. Then on their second talk, a Sapporo’s classic beer can was brought to the stage, which Changmin, who was reluctant at first, agreed to drink after fans demanded him, Yunho supported them, and they got the OK from staff XD! The company of this beer is donating a portion of the sales to recover activities in Hokkaido which suffered natural disasters this year, so this is another thoughtful gesture of Tohoshinki, as it made Bigeasts, even from outside Hokkaido (this beer is only sold in Hokkaido), order the beers~ ^^





[cr: @moteco26]


Yunho doing the Love You 🤟 hand sign


[cr: @uncommon_yh]



[cr: @W_crown26218]



Fan found the love umbrella graffiti Tohoshinki spotted (during Road PV filming) and talked about during mc

Atsunai Station

[cr: @ai_339840]


The 350mL “Sapporo Classic” beer Changmin had on stage, the ad shows that the buyers will be donating 1 yen per can to the reconstruction of disaster-affected Hokkaido.

[cr: @homisuuuuu0212]



A fan at (181022 early morning) finding that Sapporo classic beer sold out from a convenience store even though it is 2hr travel from Sapporo

[cr: @riku02091]





  • MC time: Yunho calling the little goat “negi (green onion) instead of “yagi (goat)”

  • Get going

  • O



[cr: @W_crown26218: 1, 2, 3]




  • Trigger

[cr: @TYPEB_SCM]



  • Live stream (audio): here.
  • ending~

[cr: @uncommon_yh]






Translated by @xx__0_0__xx:

  • There was a grandpa at the stage side area, he had been waving his hands to them then YH and CM noticed him n bowed deeply. The grandpa had a big smile and I cried seeing that. Thank you for the moving moment. [cr: @GAMYOU_MYU]
  • YH had a mistake words between goat (Yagi) and green onion (Negi)..
    YH: In my mind it’s Yagi Yagi Yagi (but) my mouth says Negi Negi Negi.. Move right my lips!!!
    Too cute!!! [cr: @yu18chamax]
  • When they leaving
    YH: Hokkaido fighting-? Gonna following beside you!
    Audiences from the local: Thank you~!!
    Grateful for the words which makes us happy 😢 [cr: @CMkeiYH]
  • Some of you already knew CM drunk beer on the stage today, imo it’s not just to make audiences hype nor he wants but it’s one of their way to support Hokkaido. Since the beer company donating ¥1/can to the recovering activities from the previous earth quake which hits Hokkaido. And in fact, many of BEs already bought the same beer as he drunk today. The beer sales is limited in Hokkaido but some fans, even who’s living far from there ordering it online shops. They know well how they can effect economically in a good way.




Translated by @beriko0214:

  • Re Road-Off shot Hitchhiking
    (∵) I was waiting for Changmin♡
    (Bigeasts) Whew~
    (´・J・`) Eh、were you…?
    (∵) While I was checking the map..
    (´・J・`) Oh I see…🤔 I thought in that story, they met by accident.. but in YH’s mind, they were meant to meet by Hitchhiking. [cr: @raccowa]
  • Encore MC A can of Sapporo Classic Bear was brought to the stage🍺Bigeasts: Drink it!Drink it!
    (*´・J ・`) But we have small children here.. and I can’t drink it in front of them.
    Bigeasts: Drink it!Drink it!
    (*´・J ・`) Well. I can drink alcohol.. Actually, I am the one who wants to drink it so badly! [cr: @panee0202]
  • Hitchhiking
    (*∵) I was waiting for Changmin.
    (*´・J ・`) Puff!Wow!……Were you? ……teehee XD [cr: @panee0202]
  • CM did not drink the can of beer although he looked like that he wanted..
    (*∵) Okay!I take the responsibility!Drink it, Changmin!
    Bigeasts: Wow~!
    (*∵) We are not violating any rule, right?
    Bigeasts: Not at all!
    (*´・J ・`) Really?Really?Are you sure?
    (*´・J ・`) Ah Sam-san says Okay through my in ear monitors
    [cr: @panee0202]
  • (*∵) Matured Tohoshinki!
    (*∵) Ka-ke-tsu-ke ru! (I will run to you in hurry!)
    (*∵) Ah, Mi-se-tsu-ke ru!(I will show you off!)
    (*∵) This mouth (YH’s mouth)!Behave![cr: @ucyuusya]
  • re A picture of Yunho alone. YH was standing with his back to sunset. You can’t see his face.
    (*∵) Oh this picture.. What kind of expression is on my face? Ah, cool-looking?
    (*´・J ・`) This picture… Does it look like a picture of a real boyfriend?
    Bigeasts: ?? [cr: @panee0202]
  • short movie
    (*´・J ・`) Yunho-san’s acting was superb! Delivery person, Bartender, Mysterious Mr.TOMORROW You were so cool!
    (*∵) It is Changmin who is cool!The shower scene of Changmin was really good, right?Changmin was so masculine and my heart beat fast❤️  [cr: @panee0202]
  • (*´・J ・`) This is a picture of daisy that I took.
    (*∵) You’re really good at taking pictures. It is really good, isn’t it?
    (*´・J ・`) I took it with my cell phone.
    (*∵) The time has changed (technology has advanced)←This is what CM said yesterday.
    A picture of pansy that a staff has taken was projected on screen.
    (*∵) Changmin takes better pictures than him/her. [cr: @panee0202]
  • YH: While singing Weep, I could see people who were on the second and third floor waving their hands as the best they could.. and I got really emotional! Every time we come here, the stage director says that Sapporo is a city of love. I have been thinking why he says that. But he is right. People here welcomes us with such open heart and gives us warm cheering. I feel that this is the beginning of love forever. [cr: @coscosy]
  • YH explained that the Wish hand gesture was hand signs for I LOVE YOU. [cr: @we_tvxq]
  • At YH’s side of stage side seats, I saw a grandpa who was waving his hands to YH and CM as the best he could. YH and CM noticed him so they bowed deeply to the grandpa and that made grandpa really happy. Big smile on grandpa’s face was priceless. [cr: @GAMYOU_MYU]
  • YH: It was too bright…My eyes are weak…
    CM: Even you had your eyes closed, you are looking so cool
    YH: What are you talking about !? I don’t look as cool as Changmin. [cr: @raccowa]
  • YH: Changmin’s toned muscles on his back… my heart beats fast.. and his English was so cool!!
    CM: sure. {p/n: in English} [cr: @raccowa]





Translated by @ihavebeensober:

  • Yunho and Changmin kept saying Hokkaido not Sapporo😭 they care about whole island😭😭😭
  • There was a can of “SAPPORO classic beer” on the stage,
    Changmin hesitated to drink, but Yunho said “drink it. I’ll take responsibility for that”
    Then he chugged a beer‼️🍺 😆
    Both of them are so “KAKKOII”😍😍😍
  • when THSK manager gave Changmin permission to drink a can of beer, he had a big smile 😆 he chugged it and squashed the can. then he threw it away under the stage😂😂😂  [cr: @ny262_hmn]
    he’s awesome😍

{t/n: Changmin got SAPPORO classic beer from a fan in Apri when autograph event in Korea😆

180415 the beers fan gave Changmin was ‘Sapporo classics’ which is sold only in Hokkaido and also the box of ‘jagapokkuru’ which his manager put in the box behind Changmin is popular snack frm Hokkaido. he knows what ‘jagapokkuru’ is‼️😂 he said thank u in Japanese twice. good boy🤣



  • “Near the stage side of Yunho side, there was a old man desperately waved his hands to Yunho and Changmin. The boys noticed him and bowed deeply. The old man was so delighted with a big smile. I cried for that. Thank you for giving me moving moment.”
    😭😭😭 [cr: @GAMYOU_MYU]
  • Yunho and Changmin tried to explain pics taken when they filmed MV of Road.
    CM: this is the scene of “hiking”?
    Bigeast: hitchhike!
    YN: I know
    CM: ? hitchhiking
    Bigeast: no, hitchhike!
    YN: hitchhike
    CM: I have no idea
  • Changmin threw his autographed ball to a little girl of 3-4 yrs old-ish who was in front row of lower tier block with mumbling something like “it’s too far”. CM was so cute. sb else abt to got the ball but couldn’t, the girl walked to the ball and get it. we all feel relieved 😅 [cr: @ayayaya_piece]
  • “21/10/18 Changmin was lip-synching “thank u for coming” with a very gentle smile to a little girl with her mum in premium seat. He kept waving his hand to her after that. that’s what I love about him😭” [cr: @yunho0206miho]
  • Yunho told us he kept waking for 7hours long time ago.
    “I’m singing in front of you because I’ve done it”
    He had been keep walking and thinking a lot when it was the toughest time for him, that made him what he is today. I think I’ve got to know about real him a little bit. [cr: @Simukaori]







as indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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