[PIC/Fanacc] 181104 Tohoshinki’s Niigata Food Favourites Led to Long Lines and Sold out Products!

Through their recent TV appearance and during their talk segments in their concerts at Niigata (181102-04), Tohoshinki have shared with their fans some of their favourite food products from Niigata. Naturally, this caused a huge interest amongst Japanese fans who wanted to get their hands on them and try them out. It also resulted in long lines in front of stores and even sold out products, which is great for the locals ^^* (just like the Fukui’s Raputo-kun and Sapporo’s Classic beer, etc~)

For Niigata, the products are: Niigata rice (Shinnosuke brand introduced via NTV’s “Gyoretsuno Dekiru Horitsu Sodanjo”), Niigata mascot Lerch-san dolls (premium seat video). In addition to those introduced via the talks in the concerts (1, 2): Onigiri (rice ball) at Niigata station, Yasuda yougurt (store in Niigata station), the curry (バスセンターのカレー) from Bandai City Bus Center’s Curry store, and Niigata rice wine!

Below is a compilation from different days on this phenomenon!


Photos and Fanaccounts:


181104 Two long lines for the onigiri (top) and the Yasuda yogurt (bottom) stores at Niigata station!

[cr: @tvxq_2_yc]


181103 fans lining up for the Onigiri at Niigata station:

location of the store:


[cr: @tomnimama]



181103 the Yasuda yogurt selling out:


[cr: @panee0202]


181102 Niigata rice selling out:

[cr: @BazuH]



181103 Niigata rice (Shinnosuke) selling out again:

[cr: @elfnzm]



181103 fanaccount on Niigata rice (Shinnosuke):

  • A man who sells rice “新之助” which the boys had on TV said “we prepared 300 bags of rice for today because of THSK, but they’ve gone so quickly. It wasn’t enough😂” he’ll restock it around noon tomorrow. people stay up polishing rice all night tonight.


[cr: Fanaccount by @xxyccxx, Translated by @ihavebeensober]


181104 Niigata rice (Shinnosuke):

the packages show that the rice polishing date is 181103, so the staff did spend the night preparing a new stocl!

[cr: @yc____cy]


181104 rice collection sold out at Asahiyama at CoCoLo main building in Niigata station:

[cr: @tomnimama]



181104 Asahiyama at CoCoLo main building in Niigata station restocking their collections the same day after they sold out:

[cr: @BazuH]



181104 at 10:30pm, Long line in front of the curry place:


[cr: @kuhton]



181103 Not a product they recommended, but this store is offering a 10% discount on boiled crabs for those who show them the Tohoshinki concert ticket!


[cr: @yd_456 via @ihavebeensober]



as we indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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