[Changmin IG] 181026 “Yabe‼️ I was bitten by a Dinosaur in Fukui!” + The Fukui Dinosaur Juratic ”Raputo” Doll is Sold Out!

Cute > w <!!!

Changmin with Juratic Raputo,  a dinosaur brand character of Fukui prefecture (Fukui is well-know for the most dinosaur fossils discovered in Japan and herein the mascot).

The official twitter account of Juratic posted about it, and the doll stock on their website was sold out!! They thanked Changmin and Bigeasts~ ^^

Apparently, Changmin also showed up on the first day’s Meet & Greet with his hand bitten by a stuffed dinosaur and pretending he’s in pain XD [cr: @yunachamipen, Translated by @ihavebeensober]


Changmin IG:



Yabe‼️ I was bitten by a dinosaur in Fukui!

{t/n: “Yabe” is a casual short way of saying “Yabai (dangerous)” which can be used as a slang for different contexts. Here it has a similar meaning to “Oh no!”}



The official Juratic account tweeted a screenshot of Changmin’s post!


Initially around midnight, because of Changmin, the website reported that there are few stock of the stuffed dinosaur “Juratic かみつきラプトくん (Juratic Kamitsuki Raputo Kun)” on online store (price: ¥ 2,894) and Raputo kun thanked Changmin and Bigeast on their website!


[cr: juratic, in English via @ihavebeensober ]


Later (181027), it was updated that it’s completely sold out now, and new stock will arrive early next year!

チャンミン様、ビギのみなさんのおかげ様で、かみつきラプトくんは完売してしまったじゅら(。-人-。) 来年早々まで在庫がないじゅら・・・。ビギさんからいただいた売上は有難くジュラチックのPRの為だけに還元させていただきますじゅら。


[cr: @JuraticPR]




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