[VID/Trans] 180221 BoA Mentioned Changmin on Radio SBS POWER FM “Park So-hyun’s Love Game”~




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[VID] 180219 Changmin was Mentioned in BoA’s ‘ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT’ COUNTDOWN V LIVE



On BoA’s V-Live, Xiumin had called in and asked about having a drinking session with people from each team. BoA then asked who to invite. Xiumin said there was Changmin.. and BoA replied that Changmin really drinks well ww

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[Eng Sub] 181216 U-Know Yunho’s Surprise Visit to BoA’s Waiting Room!!

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This was from when Yunho went to support BoA’s first comeback show recording! Despite it being late and him having a practice (comeback?! *_*) the next day, he even brought a meal with him > w <!


  • [Keyword#BoA] U-Know Yunho’s Surprise Visit to BoA’s Waiting Room!!

Watch it now in English subs: here!

In the video, boa is calling Yunho “Yundol” (nickname for a cute young boy) and Yunho is calling boa “boneunim” (boa-god) ^^ [cr: @janieTVXQ]



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[Eng Sub] 180206 BoA on Yunho’s Okaeri and Pro Golfer Choi Na Yeon on Seeing him in the Plane Once (Keyword#BoA EP23)


On Keyword#BoA EP 23 on V LIVE, BoA mentioned that Yunho made her heart flutter recently as he texted back “Okaeri” when she arrived at Japan, and her friend the pro golfer Choi Na Yeon talked about seeing him in the plane sleeping once.


Watch it in English subs: here (BoA on 02:03~02:39, and Choi Na Yeon on 02:39~02:45)

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[VID/Trans] 180131 TVXQ! were Mentioned on BoA’s Weekly Idol EP as the SM Idols who haven’t been to the Show

TVXQ! were mentioned on Korean show “Weekly Idol” episode featuring BoA as they were the only SM idols who haven’t been to the show




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