[PIC/VID] 180810 Press on Yunho at Incheon Airport, Seoul, Back from Saipan~

it looks like he injured his hand > <;



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[PIC] 180810 Tohoshinki’s Autograph for “Curlplex Obihiro” from their Curling Mission for the Bigeast 2018 Summer Magazine DVD

Tohoshinki challenged curling for their “The Gold Mission R” for the Bigeast 2018 Summer Magazine DVD! Below is their photograph for the “Curlplex Obihiro” where they filmed the mission. There are photos of the jumper Changmin borrowed because it was cold and the stick he used.

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[Non-fanacc] 180809 About an Office Receiving 15 Air Cooler from Changmin’s $50k Donation

Changmin recently made a $50k Donation to provide low-income homes with appliances to help them get through the hot weather (read about it here and here), and it seems it is already in action! we are so proud of him~ ^^*


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[Instagram] 180808 Cute Yunho Learning the Baby Shark Dance of Red Velvet’s “Power Up” with them Backstage after their Concert

Yunho learning the baby shark dance from Red Velvet’s new song “Power Up” > w <!

He went to support Red Velvet on the first day of their “REDMARE” concert, which was held at SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul, and it seems was filmed after the concert~

Check out the video below!


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