[Full Trans] 170804 「How to TOHOSHINKI ~YUNHO ver~」Part 3



T: First off, We got a lot of similar questios from Bigeasts.
“What do you want to eat as soon as you visit Japan next time?”
YH: Well… it is of course, ..I have been telling ppl about this whenever they ask me. It is Motsu-Nabe (a hot-pot dish with beef or polk tripes and other internal organs together with vegetables – like chinese chives, daicon and others in thick garlicky salty broth). I really want to eat it. [Motsu means tripes, tendons and other internal organs in Japanese, nabe means hot-pot dish)
T: You really like it, don’t you!? You love Motsu-nabe! w
YH: Yes, I really love it! Continue reading


[VID/Trans] 170727 「How to TOHOSHINKI ~YUNHO ver~」Part 2

Part 2 is up!




Tsutsumi-san (T): Well today… we requested Bigeasts to ask you questions. it was for two days – two limited days – we received 10,000 – 10,000 letters!
YH: What? 10,000!
T: Yes! It’s amazing.
YH: I can’t believe it!
T: You see, everyone was waiting for you to come back. Continue reading

[PIC] 170716 DORIANS’ Tsutsumi may have Filmed Recent Video Back in 170421 when he Visited SM

We don’t think we have reported this before, so here it is! Right after Yunho’s discharge, on the 21st, a fan spotted DORIANS’ Tsutsumi in Korea, at SM Communication Center! Now it seems he not just greeted Yunho, but also probably filmed with him the How to TOHOSHINKI episode we’ve just posted, because Yunho was spotted at SM headquarter wearing same sweater that day, too ^^.
(Also, Yunho seems to have filmed his greeting to Bigeast on the same day since same sweater~)


Fanaccount posted on 170421:

Fan reported seeing Dorian at SM CC! (Tho she didn’t see Yunho)

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[VID/Trans] 170716 「How to TOHOSHINKI ~YUNHO ver~」Part 1


This video seems to be following the announcement back in April: here, where fans sent their questions ^^.





Tsutsumi (T): Hello, everyone! I am Tsutsumi of Dorians. Today, I am here with questions that Bigeasts asked for Yunho previously. I am going to get answers directly from Yunho and have a talk session with him. Right now I am just waiting for Yunho. I am a little bit nervous because I haven’t seen him for two years. And look at me, Continue reading

[INFO] 170411 『How to TOHOSHINKI』Bigeast Event Announced! Ask YUNHO Questions 4/11-13!

『How to TOHOSHINKI』Looking for Questions from Bigeast for Tohoshinki!

For Yunho:
Application period: 4/11 3:00pm – 4/13 11:50pm (JST)

Event is Bigeast exclusive and the questions can not exceed a maximum of 30 Japanese characters.




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