[Trans] 171018 「How to TOHOSHINKI ~CHANGMIN ver~」Part 4 (FINAL)

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How to TOHOSHINKI ~CHANGMIN ver~ part.4 (FINAL) video can be found: here, or:




T: The question is what is your ideal image of a man? I guess you will continue to mature and become more masculine…
CM: Yes, I should not take it for granted that I always have someone with me, rather I should make sure that I will protect/support them. For example, if a man has his family, he should protect/support his family. If it is about work, I should do my best. I think a man has some thoughts like that is ideal.
T: I see. That is your ideal man.
CM: Yes
T: Okay
CM: I want to be a man with such a warm heart and I think that this is an important aspect.
T: I see. That sounds really cool.
CM: Well.. thank you!
T: I guess I should work harder to become a man like that too.
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[Trans] 171011 「How to TOHOSHINKI ~CHANGMIN ver~」Part 3

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How to TOHOSHINKI ~CHANGMIN ver~ part.3 video can be found: here, or:




How to Changmin Part3 2017/10/11

T: I have more questions to you from Bigeasts.
T: Can you tell me about the part of you.. that you think you have changed in these two years, whereas the other part that you have not changed at all in these two years?
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[VID/Trans] 171004 「How to TOHOSHINKI ~CHANGMIN ver~」Part 2

How to TOHOSHINKI ~CHANGMIN ver~ part.2!


“How to TOHOSHINKI” Changmin Part 2

T: Okay, I will give you the first question.
T: What do you want to eat first in Japan? So you had a press conference in Korea, then came to Japan and you also did press conference. I know your schedule is pretty tight but did you eat something in Japan?
CM: Well, it has been only three hours since we arrived in Tokyo.. see its real time story.
T: Yes, true. How many days has passed since you came back?
CM: 3 days
T: 3 days. So its only three days and three hours in Japan. I assume that you have not eaten any Japanese food.
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[VID/Trans] 170927 「How to TOHOSHINKI ~CHANGMIN ver~」Part 1

It looks like it was taken after the boys held the TVXQ! Asia Press Tour in Japan ^^*





Tsutsumi (T): Hello everyone, I am Tsutsumi of Dorians.
A little while ago, the press conference of Tohoshinki (announcement of restarting their activity) has finished and I heard that Changmin is waiting for me in this room. Shall I get in here?
This way, right?

CM: Oh..
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[Full Trans] 170804 「How to TOHOSHINKI ~YUNHO ver~」Part 3



T: First off, We got a lot of similar questios from Bigeasts.
“What do you want to eat as soon as you visit Japan next time?”
YH: Well… it is of course, ..I have been telling ppl about this whenever they ask me. It is Motsu-Nabe (a hot-pot dish with beef or polk tripes and other internal organs together with vegetables – like chinese chives, daicon and others in thick garlicky salty broth). I really want to eat it. [Motsu means tripes, tendons and other internal organs in Japanese, nabe means hot-pot dish)
T: You really like it, don’t you!? You love Motsu-nabe! w
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[VID/Trans] 170727 「How to TOHOSHINKI ~YUNHO ver~」Part 2

Part 2 is up!




Tsutsumi-san (T): Well today… we requested Bigeasts to ask you questions. it was for two days – two limited days – we received 10,000 – 10,000 letters!
YH: What? 10,000!
T: Yes! It’s amazing.
YH: I can’t believe it!
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