[Trans] 170211 TVXQ: One After another, Whether Enlisting or Discharging; Minimising their Hiatus~


★TVXQ: One after another, whether enlisting or discharging

TVXQ members, Choikang Changmin and U-Know Yunho will be discharging from military service, one after another this year. In July, 2015, U-Know Yunho was deployed to the 26th Mechanised Infantry Division’s Army Band, getting selected as Special Class Soldier last May, receiving acknowledgement of his fitness and abilities. As expected, Continue reading

[Trans] 170102 TVXQ to Release a New Album and Comeback After They are Discharged this Year~


TVXQ to release a new album and comeback after discharge



Firstly, U-Know Yunho who enlisted last 2015 will be discharged this coming April. In basic training, U-Know Yunho got chosen as “Best Recruit” which showed his exceptional ability, and  in his current posting as Continue reading

[Official TVXQ! Website Update] 170101 From Star: [TVXQ!] 2017 New Year Greetings


[ 20170101 Special Message – From. U-Know ]



Year of the Fire Rooster~*
The new year of 2017 or the year of “discharge” has arrived!
It seems there will be many very heart-pounding things so already~ I am excited!
As I will not forget the duties of being a soldier until the very end, and will return handsomely~
please just wait a little more and TVXQ! will fly even more.

please receive many New Year “blessings” and be healthy! ^o^*

-U Know-

{t/n: In the lunar calendar 丁 (ding) refers to the Fire “stem” while 酉 (you) is the Rooster animal zodiac. Hence 丁酉年 or 정유년 in Korean}



[ 20170101 Special Message – From. MAX ]

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[Trans] 161221 TVXQ!’s Discharge Next Year Topping SM’s Comeback Plans for 2017~

Various news today reported the big three plans for 2017, and for SM, TVXQ’s comeback from army comes on top

Below is an excerpt from Soompi’s translated news:

SM “TVXQ and Super Junior to be discharged from the military, re-establish the golden lineup”

TVXQ coming back is going to be big for Continue reading

[Highlights] 150609 On TVXQ and Changmin’s Activities After Yunho’s Enlistment

Upon Yunho’s enlistment, TVXQ activities will be temporarily on hold for that period of service. During that time, Changmin is scheduled to carry out his own *clear-cut* (i.e: not tvxq-related) activities independently.




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