[Trans] 170322 September TVXQ Japanese Concerts in the Making! Venues are being Surveyed~


Extract Translation:

(Article on the financial performance of the major Korean entertainment agencies in the light of the THAAD issue – rough trans)

In the case of SM, the biggest factor for the slump in their results was analysed to be right away, the absence of their “top artiste” TVXQ. It was explained that this was because TVXQ as the group that Continue reading

[Headline] 170321 Interview with London Noise in the SM studio Mentions TVXQ who are Coming Back this Year

It seems like songs productions is already on the work~ ^^



  • “with EXO, SJ & TVXQ coming back in the later half of the year..see how songs are born” (Interview with London Noise in the SM studio)




Translated by @snxy,
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[Trans] 170310 Expected Profits Rise in 2018, with TVXQ and Other SM Groups Japan Touring in 2018

Beside the Korean comeback in 2017, Tohoshinki Japanese tours that the fans could safely confirm seem to be the ones expected in 2018 ^^*


Partial Translations:

  • In 2018 SM’s biggest 5 boy groups would be having activities in Japan, operating profit expected to rise 2.4 times

[cr: Business Post]


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[INFO] 170310 Hana Financial’s Expectations of TVXQ’s 2017 Concert Mobilisation to be Close to 2013’s!!

In 3/10 report from Hana Financial Group (download here), expectations of SM artists concert mobilisation in Japan for 2017 were revealed, with TVXQ coming on top!

The bar chart shows TVXQ (in dark green) in 2017 with a bar length that is comparable to that of 2013 which had a total of 893,000 (cr: Nikkei Style)!

This figure Continue reading

[INFO] 170221 Forecast for SM’s Annual Profit to Rise by Over 40% with TVXQ and Super Junior’s Expected Dome Tours


Forecast for SM: as TVXQ and Super Junior members are to have a JPN dome tour in the later half of the year, its annual average expected to rise by over 40% in profit.




Asiatoday via @roomnumber32,
Translated by @snxy,
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[Trans] 170211 TVXQ: One After another, Whether Enlisting or Discharging; Minimising their Hiatus~


★TVXQ: One after another, whether enlisting or discharging

TVXQ members, Choikang Changmin and U-Know Yunho will be discharging from military service, one after another this year. In July, 2015, U-Know Yunho was deployed to the 26th Mechanised Infantry Division’s Army Band, getting selected as Special Class Soldier last May, receiving acknowledgement of his fitness and abilities. As expected, Continue reading