[Partial Trans] 170613 “Hallyu Kings” Love Calls for TVXQ.. Asian Activities Operation Plan

“Hallyu Kings” love calls for TVXQ.. Asian activities operation plan

Article on TVXQ’s army activities and upcoming comeback in later half of year

Partially Translated:

In the advertising world where reputation and recognition is important, love calls for TVXQ are clearly number 1. According to an industry insider, contract with (their) schedule was made from before army discharge. Jeju Air is using TVXQ as their model and has had an image shoot with U-Know Yunho. Once Choikang Changmin has completed Continue reading

[Trans] 170529 Yunho was Mentioned in an Article by the Director of the Chungbuk Military Manpower Administration Branch


Excerpt from an opinion article written by Kim Si-rok, Director of the Chungbuk Military Manpower Administration Branch:

Not long ago, from the news, I saw that singing group, TVXQ’s member, U-Know Yunho finished his military service and was discharged. Although I don’t know much about U-Know Yunho, Continue reading

[Trans] 170527 “From a Warm Neighbour Hyung to an Idol”.. U-Know Yunho after 15 kg Weight Loss

From a warm neighbour hyung to an idol, a perfect transformation

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho before-and-after dieting appearance has become a hot topic. Right after his discharge, he had a photoshoot with fashion magazine, ‘Arena’. His (body) figure is perfect. What is his secret? Continue reading

[Twitter] 170516 Writer of Yunho’s Article in AERA on its Getting Better Coverage than the Elections’!

Apparently, the writer of Yunho’s discharge article in Japanese magazine AERA  commented that Yunho’s discharge article seems to have received better coverage than the new Korean president!

(Also it can also be seen that the article was included in the “society” section, and not the one for Korea)

Continue reading