[Instagram] 180827 Old Photos of Yunho from Dunia’s Shooting at Saipan

Yunho at Saipan and Rota, Northern Mariana Islands, for Dunia’s shooting.


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[VID] 180707 Our Hard Working TVXQ! Rehearsing their Dances Separately While Waiting at the Airports!

Despite being 15 years seniors, our hard working TVXQ who don’t stop thinking about their performances even while they wait at the airport individually! Yunho and Changmin never fail to us so proud~ ㅠㅠ


A Dunia director shared a video of our passionate Yunho yesterday (180706) focusing on dancing (featuring Don Spike) while waiting for his delayed flight to Hong Kong.


[cr: Dunia Director Kwon Sungmin (eleutheria5): here, via @iruka0206]


In a different place, a fan filmed video of Changmin yesterday chatting with papa bear at Hong Kong airport showed him at the beginning practising some dance moves, as well~ Continue reading

[Instagram] 180706 Sweet Yunho’s Video Message with a Father to his Daughter~

Yunho went to Saipan, Mariana, for Dunia’s shooting. A lady posted a video message of Yunho he filmed with her father who met him there for his daughter (she seems to be a fan), so sweet of her father and Yunho > w <


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