[TVXQ! IG] 171215 Changmin Posts Supporting Kyuhyun and Sung Si Kyung Duet Track Release in Japan~

Changmin the supporting friend! ^^*


시경이형님 일본앨범에 내친구 조정뱅이가 참여한 곡도 있네요 ㅋㅋ 날씨가 추우니 따뜻한 노래 같이 들어요~👍 シギョンさんのアルバムにギュヒョンも参加しました。いいアルバムだからたくさん聞いてください。

#성식이형 #시경이형 #성시경 #잘자요 #규현 #조정뱅이 #떠나간 친구를 그리며 #술천재들 #sungsikyung #kyuhyun #シギョンさん #ギュヒョン #조규너의시간은결코빠르게흘러가지않을것이다

Korean Text Translation:

There’s also a song with my friend 조정뱅이(Cho Drunkard) in Si Kyung-ie hyung’s Jpn albumㅋㅋ as the weather is cold, listen to a warm song l~ 👍🏻

#조정뱅이 #while missing my friend who has left #alcohol geniuses #sungsikyung #kyuhyun #chokyu ur time’ll never go fast




Cute Changmin! It seems when he typed Si Kyung’s name in Japanese, the first letter remained as hiragana (しギョン). But Changmin made sure to edit it and fix it into katakana シギョン (foreign names are written in Katakana)~

[cr: screencaps via @MAXmingshun]



tvxq.official: here,
Korean Post Translated by @snxy,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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