[INFO] 151227 Tohoshinki in Japanese Music Network BARKS’s TOP10 News for 2015

BARKS 2015 News TOP10:

  • 6th: 東方神起 WITH Tour in comm. of their 10th Anni in JP “Really happy. We’ll definitely be back”




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[Fanacc/PIC] 150427 『Tohoshinki 10th Anniversary Event』at Yokohama Arena


Today, 150427, on Tohoshinki debut anniversary in Japan, Tohoshinki met Bigeasts in the two rounds of 『Tohoshinki 10th Anniversary Event』at Yokohama Arena !

Round 1: Gates Open 3:00 pm, Event Start 4:00 pm JST
Round 2: Gates Open 7:30 pm, Event Start 8:30 pm JST


SET List:

Talk: 10 top ranking of “What scenes of Tohoshinki does Bigeasts want to see again”
fans singing along to With Love (fan project)
Photo taking and cake
“Kimi no Inai Yoru (The Night without You)”

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Here’s a compilation of fanaccounts of the two rounds, including pre-event ones such as sales of goods, etc.


Fanaccounts of round one:


Via/Translated by @joeylfy:

[Eng Sub-TVXQ! Express] 150415 TOHOSHINKI Documentary 2015 1 min PR (Okinawa+Backstage versions) [trans by @joeylfy]


Here are our subbed videos of TOHOSHINKI Documentary 2015 1 min PR, released on 150415 on Hulu Japan YT Channel. As titled, the two versions are just a promo of the documentary with basically the same contents (very minimal differences), but here’re both anyway!

Many thanks to @joeylfy for offering her translations~


Okinawa Version:


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uye-r57w09A]


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[INFO] 150414 NitelePlus & Hulu to air TOHOSHINKI documentary TV program (Total 3 episodes) on 5/31,6/28,7/26!

Celebrating the 10th debut of Tohoshinki in Japan, NitelePlus & Hulu to air TOHOSHINKI documentary TV program (Total 3 episodes) on 5/31, 6/28 and 7/26!


To include off shoot and long interviews of the two members, and their tours stage director TRF’s Sam-san

Various footage from the documentary will be shown on Nihon TV on 4/27, Tohoshinki 10th Year Debut Anniversary!





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[Trans] 150408 The bonds between TOHOSHINKI and their fans who have been supporting them/The inside business story in the entertainment world


[TRANS] 150408 SANSPO The bonds between TOHOSHINKI and their fans who have been supporting them/The inside business story in the entertainment world.


We covered the final concert of TOHOSHINKI tour commemorating10 year anniversary since they debuted in Japan.

Their live performance was overwhelmingly good. As soon as the show started, they were united with 55,000 fans and they performed dance and ballad songs, where they put all their souls and hearts into their performances for 3 hours 40 minutes. They also explained to their fans while not being able to hold their tears that they would not be able to have TOHOSHINKI solo live tours for awhile. They promised strongly to the audiences, “We will come back as the two of us for sure.”

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[INFO] 150403 AVEX Announces 『Tohoshinki 10th Anniversary Event』 at Yokohama Arena on 150427!




Tohoshinki who has debuted in Japan on April 27, 2005, to held their 10th anniversary event on April 27, 2015!

This event will be a two rounds special event limited to Bigeast members only!

『Tohoshinki 10th Anniversary Event』


Date and Time:
2015/4/27 (Mon)
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[Partial Trans: Q13~Q29, 41, 43] Tohoshinki for JP Magazine 「ViVi」- May Issue 2015 (Released on 150323) (Part.4)


Part.1 , Part.2, and part.3


Partial Translations:


50 Questions 50 Answers, ViVi 2015 May

 Translations of Questions 13~29:

YH: Bond(connection). Not just only during the concert, I wish I can connect with them for good.
CM: I am greatly indebted (for all you have done for me). That’s it. I can’t find any other word.


Q14: Which was the luckiest work (that others probably would envy)? Continue reading