[PIC] 160427 Bigeast Staff Report: 東方神起 Japan Debut 11th Anniversary

Today on 27th April 2016, is 東方神起 Japan debut 11th anniversary. It’s also “TB”‘s birthday! A celebratory cake from Bigeast to Yunho and Changmin. A bouquet of flowers was given to TB as present too!





“TB” is really happy as well^^





Today last year, we had an event in Yokohama Arena to celebrate their debut 10th anniversary in Japan.

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[Instagram] 160228 Dancer Choi Hyoje Wants Changmin to Come Back Quickly~


TVXQ Dancer Choi Hyoje shared a clip of Changmin during Tohoshinki 10th Anniversary event (from We are T 2nd DVD), in which he was talking about what dancers meant to him and Yunho, and said that “they(yunho+him) have never thought of the dancers/band as “backing” but as their pride; their dancers/band.”




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#도련님 #빨리와 #심심해 #심창군

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[Trans] 151221 The sale of 2016 Reversible Calendar, Bigeast Limited 2016 Table Calendar-Diary-TB Stuffed Toy has been decided!


■2016 Reversible Calendar 2,600 Yen(Tax included)

【Sale Date】12/24(Thu)16:00~ JST
【Bigeast Official Shop Limited Benefits】One Poster Calendar ( Size A2)

A customary 東方神起 monthly calendar every year.
Each and every casual moment that comes by everyday, we would like to spend those moments in a careful manner and have a happy year.
「A Day」, the fourth in the series that carries such a theme, it is imbued with (東方神起) members’ thoughts of “Always wanting to be close to the fans” and is titled「A day in the neighborhood」.

This is a work which was photographed in the neighboring location and scenery, imbued with the feeling of breathing in the same air and taking a walk in the neighborhood together with them.
From April 2016 to March 2017, there are 2 different pages for each month, so pick your favorite for display!




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[Instagram/Fanacc] 150428 Toho Dancer SONNY Thanking Tohoshinki fans and Sharing an Old Story about Tohoshinki



Toho Dancer SONNY who has been working for Tohoshinki since their debut on 2005, shared this post in English on his Instagram:


to all the TVXQ fans across the globe: Thank you so for the warm support & love that you guys sent to the Dancers over these years. You guys have been awesome through out this long and meaningfull journey, It meant a whole to us. We shall definitely meet again in the future. THE LEGACY CONTINUES in our heart… #東方神起10周年#TVXQ10yearsanniversary #青春 #oneBigFamily #苦労を共にした仲間 #最高のチームワーク#TohoDancers #東方ダンサーズ #SquadGoingUp#WeDemBoyz #AintNobodyMessingWithMyClique#LOVEandAPPRECIATION
#20周年も見届けたい #心から支えたいと思うアーティスト

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[PIC] 150427 Bigeast Staff Report: Tohoshinki 10th Anniversary Event


the photo shows the fans project (Round 1), different colors of banners to create a surprise message for Tohoshinki ^^

First Round it was 「WE LOVE T」
Second Round it was 「FOREVER」




Tohoshinki Official Fan Club Bigeast Website
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[Fanacc/PIC] 150427 『Tohoshinki 10th Anniversary Event』at Yokohama Arena


Today, 150427, on Tohoshinki debut anniversary in Japan, Tohoshinki met Bigeasts in the two rounds of 『Tohoshinki 10th Anniversary Event』at Yokohama Arena !

Round 1: Gates Open 3:00 pm, Event Start 4:00 pm JST
Round 2: Gates Open 7:30 pm, Event Start 8:30 pm JST


SET List:

Talk: 10 top ranking of “What scenes of Tohoshinki does Bigeasts want to see again”
fans singing along to With Love (fan project)
Photo taking and cake
“Kimi no Inai Yoru (The Night without You)”

[cr: @tvxq_et_moi]



Here’s a compilation of fanaccounts of the two rounds, including pre-event ones such as sales of goods, etc.


Fanaccounts of round one:


Via/Translated by @joeylfy:

[INFO/Details] 150421 「Tohoshinki 10th Anniversary Event」Goods + Venue Limited with Benefits CD/DVD Sales Decided!

「Tohoshinki 10th Anniversary Event」goods, with links to online shop for ordering


【Bigeast Official Shop】

【mu-mo Shop】

※It will be available for ordering when sales starts.

Yokohama Arena Centennial Hall  http://www.yokohama-arena.co.jp/access/
※time is subject to change

■Stick Light   1,000Yen

it has the words「THANK YOU FOR 10 YEARS!!」on it

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