[Trans/VID] 141124 More information on Yunho’s role in “International Market”, Movie Trailer

[trans] More information on Yunho’s role in “International Market”


U-Know Yunho, Big Screen Debut in “International Market”… Surprise Appearance in the Role of Nam Jin

TVXQ’s Jung Yunho (U-Know Yunho) has gathered attention after he made a surprise appearance in “International Market” (Director Yoon Jae Gyun, produced by JK Films) through the role of Nam Jin.

Through the media preview held at Wangsimni CGV in Seoul on 24 November, “International Market” unveiled itself as one of the most anticipated productions during this year’s end-of-year period. Jung Yunho took on the role of singer Nam Jin, who had participated in the Vietnam War, and attracted attention after he made a surprise appearance without any prior preview (of his appearance). While being an idol singer, he has also been expanding his realm of activities as an actor through dramas and this is his first official appearance in a Korean movie in the capacity of Jung Yunho.

In “International Market”, Jung Yunho naturally and effortlessly acted out the role of top singer Nam Jin, who enjoyed popularity as a singer in the 1970s and had been dispatched to take part in the Vietnam War as part of the navy, and added unique fun to the movie. Although it is a short appearance, it is a role which is definitely needed for the development of the plot. While humming the song “Together With You” (one of Nam Jin ssi’s classic representative songs), he unveiled and showed even his beautiful Jeolla-do satoori (dialect).

-movie details omitted- The movie opens on 17 December.

[cr: 스타뉴스 Star News via Naver]

In the film, U-Know Yunho surprised the viewers through the role of real-life character Nam Jin. Through the setting of the lead character, Dok Soo, being able to meet Nam Jin, whom he had been a fan of for a long period of time, after Dok Soo dispatched to take part in the Vietnam War, he provided laughter to the viewers. U-Know Yunho also evoked laughs with his thick Jeolla-do accent and his singing of Nam Jin’s representative song “Together With You”.

[cr: SBS FunE via Nver]




“International Market” Movie Trailer:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBEDtovULHY]







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