[Instagram] 141118 Joker Changmin in a Selca with Super Junior’s Heechul (SMTown Halloween Party 141104)



Shim Joker & Kim Anna. #shimchangmin #heenim #tvxq #SuperJunior#ShowMeYourLove the kids nowadays do not know the winter song ‘Show Me Your Love’



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[PIC/Details] 141117 Tohoshinki New Album 「WITH」(2014.12.17) Album Jacket and Tracks have been Revealed!

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Tohoshinki, who has breezed through this year with lots of passion, will soon be releasing a NEW album that is highly anticipated in 2014!

Tohoshinki NEW ALBUM「WITH」-2014.12.17 Release-

CD+DVD <Jacket A>
Ref Code: AVCK-79236/B
Price: 5,200 yen + Tax

[CD Content]
01.Refuse to lose ~Introduction~
03.Believe In U
04.SURISURI [Spellbound]
05.Time Works Wonders
06.DIRT Continue reading

[Trans] 141117 Yoo Young Jin Mentions TVXQ! in his Thank-you Speech upon Winning the Presidential Commendation

[trans] Yoo Young Jin’s thank you speech (including TVXQ)

Yoo Young Jin won the Presidential Commendation at the “2014 Republic of South Korea Popular Culture and Arts Awards” held this afternoon.

In his thank-you speech, he said, “First, I would like to thank Lee Soo Man teacher-nim who believed in me and had opened up the road for me such that I could live my life while making music. If not for him, I would probably not be in this position. Using this opportunity, I would also genuinely like to thank the many singers such as EXO and TVXQ who digest and express my songs well and make my songs shine even brighter etc.”




일간스포츠 Daily Sports via Naver,
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[TRANS] 141117 Bigeast Monthly Question -Q38-

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Q. What have made you smiled recently?

★ユンホ (Yunho)

Q38 YunhoI smiled when i met up with Changmin (recently), whom i’ve not seen for quite some time.

★チャンミン (Changmin)

Q38 Changmin(When) I went surfing.

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