[INFO] 141109 Oricon Daily Single Ranking (for 141108): No.1 Tohoshinki – Time Works Wonders, Total: 100k+ Copies!!

141109 Oricon Daily Single Ranking (for 141108) : #1 Tohoshinki – Time Works Wonders with 4,362 copies, Total: 104,285 copies!

141109 Oricon Daily Ranking for (141108) Singles No.1 Time Works Wonders with 4,362 copies, Total 104,285 copies 000

Its selling more than 100,000 copies qualifies it for RIAJ’s Gold certification!



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[Instagram] 141109/10 Shim Jae Won’s Updates on T1ST0RY: Yunho for Rehearsals and More~

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20141110 New Project Work for #T1ST0RY with @flashfinger

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