[Trans] Tohoshinki Album 「WITH」 Special Website: Album Concept

My thoughts of meeting you (/I miss you) become stronger when we can’t (*meet).
Tohoshinki’s new album ‘WITH’ always with you, feel the thoughts of Tohoshinki in 14 songs.

2011 ‘Tone’:
[Revival of Tohoshinki], with the resolve, we began playing a new TONE.
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[Audio] Tohoshinki Album 「WITH」 Special Website: 14 Songs Previews with Full Lyrics are out!

Check Out the Special Website for Tohoshinki’s Upcoming  Album 「WITH」:


You could also find audio previews of the 14 songs as well as the full lyrics of each song! Let’s Go Explore~ o(≧▽≦)o



Tohoshinki Album 「WITH」 Special Website,
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[Trans] 141125 Background and Review of Yunho’s Role in “International Market”

[trans] Background and review of Yunho’s role in “International Market”


*This article compiles a “manual” for watching “International Market” to help movie-goers understand the background of the historical events depicted in the movie.

◆”Together With You” (the title of the classic song by Nam Jin which Yunho sings in the movie)

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[Trans] 141121 “Mimi”-related aspect of SM’s Quarterly Report – Changmin

[trans] “Mimi”-related aspect of SM’s Quarterly Report – Changmin

“In addition, drama “Mimi” was produced and was broadcast from February to March 2014 at Mnet. “Miss Korea”, “The Prime Minister and I” and “Mimi” saw actors belonging to the SM Entertainment group appearing in them, elevating the synergy effect. In particular, as soon as the drama teaser Continue reading