[Trans] 141125 A Movie Critic’s Review of “International Market” – Yunho Reference

[trans] A movie critic’s review of “International Market” – Yunho reference


-only Yunho-related parts have been translated-

“There is a scene where the female reporters gave off exclamations, and that is precisely the scene when Nam Jim appears. This is because Nam Jin is acted out by U-Know Yunho. The fact that the synchronisation between Nam Jin and U-Know Yunho did not feel out of place is because both of them share a common point of being the idols of the 1970s and the 21st century respectively.

It is not an exaggeration to see “International Market”, which combines the narrative (of the movie) which is capable of embracing the relatability / sensitivity of the middle-aged group and the acting of Hwang Jung Min and U-Know Yunho, as a rising star movie which will become a reliable lookout to prevent the onslaught of the Hollywood movies raiding the Korean movie industry.




Media Us,
Translated by @mug_ping
Shared by TVXQ! Express 

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