[Trans] 141125 Background and Review of Yunho’s Role in “International Market”

[trans] Background and review of Yunho’s role in “International Market”


*This article compiles a “manual” for watching “International Market” to help movie-goers understand the background of the historical events depicted in the movie.

◆”Together With You” (the title of the classic song by Nam Jin which Yunho sings in the movie)

We hope that viewers will not confuse this with the virtual marriage programme broadcast on a cable channel recently (there is a jTBC programme with the same title). “Together With You” is a song released in 1972 by singer Nam Jin after he was discharged from the army, where he had enlisted in the Blue Dragon troops in 1968 and taken part in the Vietnam War. It is also a hit song which swept the 1970s and was elevated to the status of the citizens’ favourite song. “International Market” depicts the appearance of Deok Soo, who had left for Vietnam during the height of the war in order to sell military-required commodities, together with the appearance of “Powell Soldier” (the article spells it as “Powell” but I’m thinking the article probably means “Power”?) Nam Jin, who had in reality narrowly overcome near-death moments numerous times in the war. TVXQ’s Jung Yunho made a surprise appearance in the role of young Nam Jin and unveiled his realistic local Jeolla-do dialect acting. Director Yoon Jae Gyun explained that Jung Yunho, a real-life popular singer who was born in Gwangju and is therefore able to proficiently grasp the native Jeolla-do dialect and who possesses overflowing passion, was just the perfect person for the role.




스타뉴스 Star News via Naver,
Translated by @mug_ping
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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