[Trans] 141125 “International Market” Jung Yunho’s Acting As Nam Jin, Has it been so Realistic before?

[trans] “International Market” Jung Yunho’s Acting As Nam Jin, Has it been so realistic before?

 TVXQ member cum actor Jung Yunho has attracted attention with his realistic earthy Jeolla-do dialect acting. In particular, while displaying steady acting alongside his seniors Hwang Jung Min and Oh Dal Soo, he also showed off outstanding chemistry with him.

The media preview for “International Market” was held on 24 November at the Sungdong-gu CGV Wangsimni CGV in Seoul. In the movie which unveiled itself on this day, the passionate acting of Hwang Jung Min, Kim Yoon Jin, Oh Dal Soo, Jang Young Nam etc shone through. Hwang Jung Min and Kim Yoon Jin personally digested their roles from their 20s till being elderly in their 70s, and displayed their meticulous acting skills.

“International Market” is a movie which portrays the life stories of the people who had survived from after the 6.25 War todate while moving through Korea’s moden history. Through the stories of one man who had quietly endured the difficult times with his name as “Father”, this movie presents a heartwarming touching story.

In the movie, in the scene where Deok Soo (Hwang Jung Min) leaves for Vietnam in order to raise the funds for his younger sibling’s marriage, Jung Yunho made a surprise appearance. Jung Yunho took on the role of Nam Jin, who is both a soldier who took part in the Vietnam War and a singer. In reality, Nam Jin had been dispatched to the Vietnam War as part of the unit affliated with the Blue Dragon troops.

Jung Yunho added to the vitality of the movie with his perfect Jeolla-do dialect and his unabashed facial expression acting. In particular, he expressed Nam Jin’s unique speaking tone well and evoked laughter from the viewers. This is a review which says that his acting experience in the past has shone through in the movie this time around.

Director Yoon Jae Gyun revealed his reasons for casting Jung Yunho, “Seeing that I wanted to create a movie which possesses realism, I came to cast Jung Yunho. Seeing how Teacher Nam Jin is Jeolla-do’s representative singer, (the actor portraying him) needed to perfectly grasp the Jeolla-do dialect and I picked a list from real-life singers. After meeting Jung Yunho and speaking with him, he was the most suitable actor in all aspects with his respect towards Teacher Nam Jin, his passion towards the role and the perfectness of his dialect.

Meanwhile, “International Market” opens on 17 December





아시아경제 via Naver,
Translated by @mug_ping
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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