[Fanacc] 150216 Tohoshinki’s recording for Music Japan (Broadcast on 3/2 & 3/9)

On 150216, Tohoshinki went to Music Japan recording at NHK hall. Venue opened at 06:00 pm, and the recording was at 07:00-9:30 pm (cr: @xx__0_0__xx)

and It is to be broadcast on 150302 at 12:10 am and 150309 at 12:36 am (cr: @snxy)

They performed both Spinning and Sakuramichi



Fanaccounts translated by @snxy:

  • Arrival at NHK hall, abt 200ppl alr, many have Toho goods ^^ “: NHK着きました! 200人位並んでる(-_-;) トンぺんグッズもってる人多数♪ ”

  • line-up for mj recording – fan thought there wld be many AKB48 fans but it is almost all Tonpens (Tohoshinki fans) Tonpens r great~ RT MJ収録(⌒▽⌒)。並んでまーす。 AKBファンが多いと思っていたけど、ほとんどトンペンです。トンペンすごい〜。
  • The crowd for the MJ recording- “: MJ観覧じゃー ”

  • www seems like the MJ recording crowd is made up of 95% or more females /i wonder why/ “@ ma03yu26yu48: こんかいのMJ95%以上女子じゃね?”
  • Entry into MJ. Seats are at random “: MJ入場しました!ほーんとーに座席ランダムwwww”
  • Inside NHK hall ~ “: 間もなく入れるよ♪ ”

  • Inside NHK hall – fan got 1st floor seats ~ “: MJ入場しました。 席は何とか1階ゲットできました。楽しみ\(//∇//)\。 ”

  • Sakuramichi and Spinning were performed at MJ “: サクラミチとSpinningの2曲でした(*´ω`*)
  • MJ rec has ended. 2 songs as expected. 90% were TVXQ fans and red ( penlight)“: MJ収録終わりました 期待どおりの2曲だったよ 会場9割東方神起のファンで会場は赤ペンラで真っ赤”
  • TVXQ MJ will b broadcast 2x – 3/2 12.10am & 3/9 12.36am “: 【2/16 MJ観覧】 今日の収録は 3/2日 0時10分〜と 3/9日 0時36分〜 東方神起は サクラミチとspinning歌いました♡”
  • MJ rec ended. 2 songs. Boys were in Spinning costume & hairstyle, was e best. Red Ocean also, Tohoshinki chant was amazing too. F:
  • During Sakuramichi- 麻っぼい(linen/hemp?) costume. changmin- long coat; yunho-short coat. Both had smooth hair “: 2月16日 MJ レポ サクラミチ…





Fanaccount translated by @joeylfy:

  • [MJ0216] The boys performed Spinning for Music Japan tonight, in the same costume as the MV RT @miie2636: MJ観覧終わったSpinningテレビ初披露ありがとうございます!!!!!TTTTTTTTTTT あのMVのままの衣装でTTTTTTTTダンサーさんもみんな来た〜〜TTTTTT
  • More than 80% are Bigeast
    Red ocean!
    Cheering that could pierce the ears the moment “Next up is TOHOSHINKI!” was announced.
    The venue shook when they were introducing their dance tracks (?)and the call for TOHOSHINKI during the standby for Spinning performance.

    RT @airockers


    #MJ観覧 #東方神起



Fanaccount translated by @LuvTV2XQ:

  • MJ Fanacc BE chanted TOHOSHINKI while waiting for boys to appear on the stage! (Cr )
  • The Grammy Awards winner Sam Smith also performed for MJ today I can imagine how Yunho&Changmin was happy to c such great artist ❤




Fanaccount translated by @changmin_et_moi:

  • THSK sang “sakuramichi” and “spinning” for Music Japan’s recording today! RT  サクラミチとSpinningの2曲でした(*´ω`*)
  • – there’s a VCR showing past perfs, talk corner – YH had his fringe down for sakuramichi RT  MJ観覧終了!サクラミチとスピニン(MV衣装)の2曲!! 過去の出演回を振り返るVCRも含めたトークコーナーも有り サクラミチではユノの前髪下りててギャー\(^o^)/\(^o^)/\(^o^)/ あと今回も前回同様に場内の東方神起コール凄かった件!レッドオーシャン万歳♡



Fanaccount translated by @bumblebeeniee:

  • Music Japan recording last night It was said that THSK had the biggest proportion of fans in the audience. About 92%





As indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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