[Fanacc/PIC/Fancam] 151004 Private Yunho as the Main Stage MC for the Ground Forces Festival Day 3

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Today was the 3rd day for Private Yunho as an MC for the main stage for the Ground Forces Festival. The show started with fans being told that Yunho will get to perform on the 5th and 6th!!!! Actually, fans saw Yunho with his friend Kang Dongho and Korean band “Bohemian”‘s Park Sangwoo rehearsing today TVXQ’s “Something” and “Dream”, and “Doll” (a song composed by Kangta and sang by Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung and Lee Jihoon); however, they didn’t perform anything today.

Like yesterday, for the morning event his co-emcee was the lady soldier from yesterday’s afternoon event, and for the afternoon event his co-emcee was Kang Dongho.


Here are fanaccounts accompanied with a few fancams and pics~



Fanaccount by @snxy :

  • 7.16am and already about 50 fans in the stand altho entry was supposed to be at 8
  • 7.18am. Yunho has just arrived at the venue.
  • They sprayed a line in the parade ground — looks like an extension of the stage for today? Also..

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  • The i/c just announced to us that yunho would be performing on the 5th and 6th.
  • Btw i have been present at the festival since the start. heard there were untrue things re: fights etc. those do not involve tvxq/yh fans.
  • Tvxq/yunho fans stayed at the main stage all the way even throughout breaks due to the competition for seats (w public as well).
  • Yunho was walking with Dongho and got swamped with fans. Some fans pushed into him. Please. Seriously.
  • Yunho was not happy and told the fan in Japanese not to push him. Please respect his space.
  • One more thing. I overheard fans planning things like secretly recording in the rest areas / sneaking backstage. Are you that desperate?
  • I and other fans will be reporting such ppl if we see such blatant disrespect. We checked and secretly recording or trespassing is illegal
  • Yunho is at the side now

  • Seems like Dongho and Yunho will be emceeing again

  • omg it seems like yunho is doing a soundcheck!!!! Is he performing or smth????

  • View from my seat, we are so excited rn – YUNHO SANG INTO THE MIC
  • Yunho is singing a bit of something now
  • Dongho sangwoo and yunho just rehearsed tvxq’s something in full. Fans did the fanchants. There was dancing too.
  • Yunho performed Tvxq’s something, a ballad and DREAM
  • Yunho was dancing in front of us – what fanservice ㅜㅜㅜ
  • Yunho was right in front of me ㅜㅜ so handsome omg .. during something we chanted both yunho and changmin’s names
  • Yunho
    TVXQ something
    인형 ??
  • During DREAM, Yunho was performing but also watching Dongho and Sangwoo singing and guiding them on the stage directions
  • Yunho really enjoyed himself, he was singing and dancing and kept facing us. Even smiled Fanservice x 100. so happy rn
  • Preview- Yunho’s beautiful voice singing the slow jazzy intro during Something rehearsal
  • Yunho checkig stage directions

  • Group of soldiers were awed by the fanchants and cameras during Yunho’s rehearsal. One said: that’s because he’s TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho
  • MC Yunho again now

  • Hahah Yunho said all of us have sense because we responded well to his left cheer right clap call
  • They aren’t letting fans stand up to the front or sit on the ground so everyone has to remain seated. ㅎㅎㅎ
  • Yunho asked ppl who r here by themselves to raise their hand / parents / and hope they cann find seats
  • Yunho just announced too he would be performing !!!
  • Yunho said the nxt one is his favourite army – the ROK army’s honour guard is coming out hahahaha
  • Yunho with his lady co-mc again today

  • It’s a full house – stands, stairs, sides are all filled. Even press don’t have spce to sit. (Can’t sit on floor) all taken by fans
  • Lol fans joking that they are now able to focus on the performances cos its the 3rd day and we have taken the same pix / vids of Yunho
  • Lol Yunho just did an ad-lib in his mc! He just threw in a “awarded 30times? Ah?! TVXQ AS WELL.”  we all laughed and cheered. Well done!
  • Yunho’s bantering is getting better . he’s ad-libbing and leading the audience more today. -still standing in the sun tho-
  • 151004 An idea of the crowd today – this is why fans haven’t been leaving the main stage since the first day

    Embedded image permalink
  • They are ad libbing a lot today- special forces were breaking blocks etc lady mc asked if yunho could do that too – yh said he wld like to, he has duties as part of 26th div. lady mc aaid hw abt nxt yr he said if fans wild make their suggestions known it cld be
  • Yunho has left the stage. Spotted his manager and 2 of his friends? At the side. Appears he may be perf soon
  • More ppl now. Press coming over to the fans’ side. Security as well. Looks like yunho’s rly perf soob
  • Due to crowd control there r police too 😮 ppl can’t come back in to the stands, once they leave
  • Soldiers are now standing in front. I think yunho is performing next. They are to prevent fans from rushing

    Embedded image permalink
  • just heard the i/c talking to them- no one to stand or rush to the front from now on. Fans to leave if they insist. Lol the yunho effect.
  • Lol yunho came out and the i/c immediately asked him to go to the side bc fans all got up trying to take pix /show still gg on/
  • Yunho is back on stage w the other mc

  • Uh ok he went back offstage
  • Back on stage now
  • Soldiers are standing to attn now
  • Japnese translstor is called changmin. Hahah
  • Fans just stampeded into the new expanded area i got pushed right in front lol uh thank u everyone?
  • My new view of where I got pushed to lol

    Embedded image permalink
  • Test shots from where I am. New stage is smaller than prev and cordoned off by e barriers. We are all surrounding it

  • Asked the soldier – doesn’t noe for sure if yunho is perf today but def tmr and 6th, he is prob rehearsing today
  • Just saw the cute changmin’s manager (sorry i dk his name) standing at the side watching {p/n: it seems he is one of TVXQ’s manager Kim Jooyoung}
  • Yunho again asking fans to give their suggestions via the festival hp if they want to see him perform nxt yr lol
  • Just announced – Yunho will be performing in the afternoon.
  • A lot of seat issues now bc of the announcement of the afternoon show. They moved the stage back to its original position.
  • Fans are sitting without a break in the sun because of the seat competition >< some have gone to look for the i/c to question him.
  • Dongho and Yunho on stage now

  • Dongho spoke about the time he acted in musical w yunho (goong) and hw despite e long hrs of practice n tough it was, it was fun
  • This was wrt to the honour guard segment where Dongho said they had practised a lot. Yunho said yes he rmbed
  • Hahaha dongho’s turn to say yunho wld look gd as special forces member and hw abt enlisting again etc
  • the height difference between dongho and yunho

  • The band is out. The lady mc just came to give belt mics to dongho and yunho
  • It’s really hot now; we’re all sweltering. Yunho and Dongho are also in the sun in their full uniform ㅜ
  • Yes, Yunho has been drinking sips of some tea-like thing from a bottle so he is being hydrated. Dongho too. And so are we!
  • A kids’ choir just came on stage

  • There seems to be a technical prob w the choir so yunho said he will sing smth. And he just went “uhh wee” and said “that’s it” #troll
  • Sry can’t rmb fully but dongho said (i will say) in the most beautiful voice~ thank you. Yunho: thank u (copying him) and we cheered.
  • Yunho nodding his head to the beat and tapping his feet ad he watches the breakdancers ;;
  • ㅋㅋ yunho just went “woo woo woo woo!! Oh!!!! “Yeah!” As he watched the breakdancers performing
  • dongho sayingg tvxq’s uknow yunho to show us to dance but yunho said he’s here as mc and to come tmr and tues
  • They announced it jjst now but it appears we have all waited for nothing. ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ
  • This isn’t the first time this disorganisation. Just now they moved the stage and then moved it back. Then the seating issues. Then this.
  • Fans are upset because everyone waited. Looks like they wanted us to ensure ppl would stay til the end.
  • Just spotted what looks like Girl’s Day??? (Dk which girl grp) going to greet Yunho in the rest area.
  • The fans gathered around the rest area for a sight of Yunho

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Fanaccount by @HeeYun_hojub:

  • Dongho said whn he was practicing the musical w/ #Yunho, YH was so tired coz of his tight schedule so once nodded while dancing…
    DH told YH to sleep first but he insisted to keep practicing. Upon DH’s request, the audiences shouted “Passion” together for #Yunho



Translated by @tvxq_et_moi:

  • Translated frm 将爱MyYunho允浩站 abt Yunho’s condition recently

    Embedded image permalink





Fanaccounts by @snxy and  @HeeYun_hojub, some translated by @tvxq_et_moi, and as indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express


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