[Fanacc/PIC/Fancam] 151006 Private Yunho Both Emcees and Perfoms at the Ground Forces Festival Day 5 (Last)

[cr: @W_crown26218 ]

1006 was the last day for Private Yunho at the 2015 Ground Forces Festival, as an emcee for the main stage and the 2nd day as a performer in the event~

He’s amazed the audience not only with his charismatic stage presence, but also with his martial arts skills when he broke a stack of tiles in one go with his fist o(≧▽≦)o!! Yunho’s parents were spotted there, also TVXQ managers and coordi!

Yunho looked super energetic and charming during his performance with Kang Dongho and Bohemian’s Park Sangwoo of TVXQ’s “Something” and “Dream”, as well as Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung and Lee Jihoon’s “Doll”.

That day they didn’t do any rehearsals, and his co-emcee was the lady soldier from before, Kang Donghoo and also Park Sangwoo joined them.

Honestly, it is such an honor to have our Yunho mainly host such a huge army event in less than 3 months since he enlisted, and to also perform there! We are so thankful that he was given such a chance! Also, thank you so much Yunho for your great performance despite the blazing sun, we are really proud of you~ \(*> w <*)/


Here are fanaccounts accompanied with a few fancams and pics~


Fanaccount by @snxy (and some translations):

  • 7.35am and the good front rows are already reserved …. It’s really cold too.
  • Fans arriving with luggage and bags of food. What festival? It’s a camping trip. (All i have is my we are t bag and portable charger #fail)
  • The amount of food that fans brought becAuse they are gonna camp at their seats from now, until yunho is finished!

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  • Yunho is already here but he dropped off at the other end and went in says friend who was waiting for him lol ninja
  • Wow a fan brought milk for morn coffee

    Embedded image permalink
  • bc ppl were waiting for yunho but he came the other way so not everyone saw him and he’s so cute this morn

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  • Yunho is all smiley and looks really cute and boyish this morning ㅜㅜㅜ day 5, fighting!!
  • Yunho is standing at the side – rehearsals soon?
  • There seems to be some indie band here – new addition for the last day?

    Embedded image permalink
  • They have also cordoned off half the right side for handicapped people etc. so fans have to spread out
  • Any canadians here? That indie band here is the Lemon Bucket Orkestra and they are performing today

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  • Yunho is nt only performing,he’ll also be MCing for the closing ceremony. Frm opening to closing. Main host indeed
  • We are all roasting in the sun ㅜㅜㅜ china team’s rehearsal now.. Been sitting here since 7.30am…
  • Really proud of Yunho. For 5 days, he has been the main stage MC (w/o change), was e opening MC & will be e closing MC (to be on TV too).
  • The main concert will start at 1.30pm – there won’t be a rehearsal today
  • …….. the fans who came (incl myself) early in the off-chance there would be a rehearsal #fail
  • Spotted dongho, coordi and yunho’s manager and friend walking into the tent on the left side.
  • Does anyone know if 85st is open today? Just saw someone wearing a similar cap to Shin Hyun walk by.
  • Stoning in the sun, didn’t realise I was staring at the rest tent. Yunho was standing there. When I realised it, he walked in #no fate
  • He’s still wearing the blue windbreaker and was with Dongho. Manager hyung just went in with coordi.
  • Manager hyung standing at the rest tent with coordis

    Embedded image permalink
  • Yunho at the rest tent in his windbreaker with staff

  • Yunho with make-up ㅠㅠㅠㅠ and his father is here too for his big final day
  • The coordi with the son is here! yunwoo’s mother!!! And the manager

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  • Yunho dongho sangwoo at the side

  • 4 MCs today !! yunho dongho sangwoo and the lady mc

  • The lady mc is in the middle and looks rly short as compared to the 3 of them
  • Yunho is the shortest of the 3 guys  but they look rly handsome@m

  • As this is the final day and the closing ceremony, we heard that the main performers from the other stages might be coming here.
  • While MC-ing, Yunho keeps looking around and speaking into his collar mic. Very aware of the proceedings
  • Lol mcs were joking and asking yunho to try breaking the blocks too yunho was like ?? / Ok let’s just watch lol
  • pl r cheering yunho’s name cos they want him to try breaking the blocks. HE IS BREAKING

  • 4 MCs just left the stage
  • Coordis checking on yunho dongho sangwoo at the side – all drinking water cos its rly hot too

  • We can’t even go to the toilet because of the competition for seats
  • Yunho just walked off with his manager to the back area
  • Yunhobar’s clip of Yunho breaking the blocks

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  • Sorry for LQ yunho before he broke the blocks

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  • Yunho was greeting a woman (looks like the coordi w the son fr this distance) and he bowed to her and she bowed to him and he bowed again
  • 4 MCs are back on stage / lady mc asked yunho how his hand was he said he was fine
  • Yunho’s friend who’s here is NOT shin hyun (85st owner.) saw with my own eyes as he walked out holding yunwoo’s hand (coordi’s son)
  • They asked yunho to dance but he said no bc nxt stage is Theirs !!!!

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  • Yunho joking ard w he audience ans he asked band if they needed more time they played music and he said looks like theyneed so he’ll talk
  • Yunho asked if everyone is ready and we cheered n yunho said sounds like more men are here cos voice is deeper hahahah
  • Yunho dId NOT split his pants this time
  • I was walking off cos i have to return to seoul and yunho’s dad walked in front of me ㅜㅜㅜ

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  • What an amazing 5 days .. everything was worth it because of Yunho ;;

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  • Yunho ran up right in front of me ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ thank you thank you you were the best you are the best

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  • Yunho said the people in the middle were not excited enough – THAT’S BC WE ARE BUSY FILMING YOU SIR
  • yunho…, EYE…. CONTACT????? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅜㅜㅜ

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  • I got the dates wrong everyone. Lol. It’s the 6th today.
  • Yunho.. were you watching fans from the waiting area at the side

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  • Yunho did you say we were not excited because you saw us eating / filming
  • Yunho leaving the venue. You have worked so hard bb
  • Yunho was smiling, waving and giving thumbs up to fans and fans giving thumbs up back to him, shouting “yunho is the best”. ;;
  • Yunho had this expression in his eyes as he looked at fans like he was appreciating our presence and support ;; and he bowed to fans too.
  • I wanted to post this cute interaction w this grandmother from today but then yunho happened and i forgot til now

  • Also a soldier showed me what they ate, yesterday for break hahaha / not bad at all

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  • Lol fan was going past to leave for the station when she saw yunho at the side conducting music
  • i realised when e special forces broke the tiles, they had wrap on their hands. When Yunho did, it was bare handed

  • fan’s encounter at the hot dog stand while at the festival

  • I deleted my pix of Yunho with the army boys as I was just informed by Korean fans of Korean army sensitivitiesㅜㅜ

  • Lol this qtp – fans pointed out that his pants have wrinkles – that’s cos soldiers iron their clothes themselves :3

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  • The scenario card for 10/3 GFF – Yunho’s writing as he made notes for his emcee!
  • www. yunho’s “battle exit” strategising at gff f: tagged

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Fanaccount by @mystaryunho:

  • a LOT of fans here already
  • another big herd of fans just arrived  yunho so many of us r here for u!!!
  • not a cloud in the sky today shame on you sky…
  • yunho now with his friend from champagne mv and dongho

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  • yunho was talking to comrades in an open area and went to his secluded tent with his friends
    in the tent two of his managers were waiting for yunho

  • god he’s so handsome and poised with an air of good cheer and inherent authority at the same time
  • yunho’s manager is so chummy with the soldiers lol..and my battery’s dead bye ㅠㅠ
  • finally my phone is back on…today as u already know well was super daebak!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • yunho is the most probably the greatest celeb asset and emcee and musical talent roka has ever had. and it shows in every single aspect
    he may be low inrank but with the amount of respect people have for him inside and out the army u’d think he was higher than the gen. indeed
  • soooo nice of yunho and the army to allow a propergoodbye to the myriad of fans waiting to raise thimbs up to him and express our gratitude
  • and he is soooooooo much more handsome and sexier than the pics up close like 26000000000000000000000000000000 times more
  • yunho smashing multiple slates was only the tip of the iceberg of how awesome he was today ㅠㅠ
  • n i guess it’s already a known fact that both his parents were there to beam and cheer for him today again and stylist noona n her baby
  • when yunho gave us the thumbs up hundreds of fans were in front of him doing the same saying i love you and thank u

    Embedded image permalink
  • theleader of the special attack force promptly made it his business to request that private jung yunho fulfill his promise after their perf.  yunho’s promise to them was to demonstrate smashing slates himself if the s.a. team succeeded in every task.  after yunho smashed the slates to pieces he commented that see, this is why people should choose their words wisely
  • many army people took vids and pics of hundreds of fans and their impressive equipment waiting for yunho in front of the headquarters
  • the 2nd and final time yunho performed it was in front high army and government officials and of course, his parents
  • really, watching yunho bow to us and give us the thumbs up after fulfilling his duties so wonderfully..it was a moment to remember for life
  • mc for every day n session while partners rotated. a smashing performance towards the end and the closing ceremony at the main stage. this is actually even greater than it sounds. no one else’s duties were even close to this important, n another thing to be grateful for n proud of is how the emceeing scripts were built around praising yunho n his many talents n abilities : tvxq awards, martial arts skills, his work ethic n diligence, dancing, etc etc etc…
  • yunho saying goodbye to the lady lieutenant co emcee in the car right before he was driven away was really cute and charming by the way
  • ahjussi wonderedwhy the main stage was packed with ppl when it was near empty last year-private jung yunho,of course
  • taxidriver told fan that thanks to yunho,the ppl of geryong struck gold during gff-every hotel booked full n all the shops flowing with fans.  lines formed in front res. yunho went to-fan crying on mon. cuz they were closed-def brought economic boom to the community! but unfortunately, taxis couldn’t benefit from the ‘yunho effect’ as much due to the shuttle buses the army provided ㅋㅋ
  • swelling up with pride again as I think abt how Yunho was chosen to lead the army’s BIGGEST annual public festival JUSTout of training camp




Translated by @tvxq_et_moi:

  • GFF account compilation by 将爱MyYunho允浩站 (•.•)b 윤호오빠, 수고 했어요~♡







Fanaccounts by @snxy and @mystaryunho, some translated by @snxy and @tvxq_et_moi, and as indicated above,
Compiled and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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