[Trans] 151211[2015 MBC Unexpected Award Ceremony]Those Who are Worthy of the “Best Efforts Award”

[2015 MBC Unexpected Award Ceremony] Those Who are Worthy to be given and to Receive “Best Efforts Award”


<Scholar Who Walks the Night> Shim Changmin

 [2015 MBC 뜻밖의 시상식②] 줄 만했고 받을 만했던 '노력가상'! 이미지-4

Who was the one that put a mustache on such a beautiful face! Resentment at the director for a while…

The more we look, the better it gets, (him) in historical costumes (and in royalty costumes too!), which naturally becomes an eye candy (for us)~

It was said that though this is his first challenge in historical drama, acting with a mustache disguise, his deep and affectionate emotions in his acting was really awesome.

Just one thing, he’s handsome even without the disguise.





KR-JP Translation by @sivasingh,
JP-EN Translation by @joeylfy,
Shared by TVXQ! Express

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