[Instagram/Twitter] 151220 Shim Jaewon Posts More of ShimShimBack’s, Says he Misses Both Yunho and Changmin~

Photo was taken when they were in Brussel (Zig Zag City 2 Mall), D3 of their tour.




want to see these guys.
#time passes quickly #I’m drunk
#just be happy pls #let us not regret any moment
#낼이불킥 {t/n: 이불킥= expression meaning after waking up, one remembers embarrassing / certain things done previously and kicks the blanket. 낼 here means “I will” so he’ll regret this in the morning?}




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[PIC] 151220 Yunho with the 26th Division Band at Seojung College Year End Concert and More~


from Facebook (current army band member’s sns?) taken after the concert on Friday? yunho with the 26th division army band.

[cr: Facebook via @sivasingh, in English via @snxy]



More Photos of Yunho at the Concert:

With Red Velvet

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[PIC] 151219 Soldier Yunho’s Found on a CampReading Coaching Workshop’s Handouts~



From participant of Camp Reading Coaching Workshop: “The man of the men, Jeong Yunho appears! To me, he looks cool too ww”




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