[Fanacc] 151225 Celebrating TVXQ!’s 12th year Debut Anniversary, the Special Hologram Concert ‘T1ST0RY &…!’ + α at SMTown Theater in SMTOWN@Coexartium

Today was the special gift to Cassiopeia for Christmas and 12th year Debut Anniversary (12.26), a hologram concert ‘T1ST0RY &…!’ + α at SMTown theater in SMTOWN@Coexartium! Here are some fanaccounts about it~


Fanaccounts Translated by @snxy:

  • 흑 ppl watching the tvxq hologram concert today..
  • TVXQ hologram: Surisuri & Something is as poster’s hairstyle; Humanoids/Catch Me/WHY old one. Changmin’s acorn era hair
  • The TVXQ hologram concert poster
  • Tvxq hologram con: surisuri, humanoids, catch me, Continue reading

[Vyrl] 151225 Merry Christmas Presents from SMTown with Soldier Changmin, and Yunho too~



A sweet and ordinary picture 🎵 #TVXQ #Choikang Changmin & #SuperJunior #Siwon which through a two-shot…
(From) SM, the agency in the past.. and currently, (their) agency is the #Republic of Korea.. So we were agonizing over whether to post this or not 😅


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