[Instagram] 151218 Cover for Yunho’s Jenny House’s “J·STYLE MAGAZINE” – Vol.7, Check out First 500 Orders Benefits


1.First 500 books comes with the poster showing!
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[INFO] 151218 About Changmin’s Upcoming Three Weeks Police Training



Changmin begin his 3 weeks police training. The number being assigned to trainees will be in accordance to their age.
So if Siwon & Changmin are the oldest among the trainees… Changmin will be No. 2? (Assuming the other trainees are younger)




Information via @218206,
KR-JP Translation by @ymamylim,
JP-EN Translation by @joeylfy,
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[FB] 151218 Yunho’s Autograph from the Pocha at Samseong-dong he Visited During Break~

{p/n: pojangmacha or pocha for short, and refers to these korean street stalls/tents that serves different street food and drinks}



Yunho’s autograph from the pocha at Samseong-dong that he went to, during his break.




Park YoungGue’s Facebook (박영규) via @snxy,
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[PIC] 151218 Yunho with the 26th Division Band at Seojung College, Yangju for an Army Band Year End Concert



This article says the year-end army band concert at Seojung College is tomorrow (19th) so the picture of Yunho is from rehearsal? Means the picture of Yunho is from an earlier event tonight where he was MC, then he went to Seojung College to rehearse? concert is from 4pm tomorrow [cr: @snxy: 1 and 2]




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sshinyo replied me and said the concert by the 26th div army band is going on now; yunho is the host for it. [cr: @snxy]



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[Instagram] 151218 Another Autograph from Changmin to Cafe Honey Beans~




Instagram post:

changmin and siwon’s autographs. “All the best in your army life”~


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