[Trans] 151221 Yunho and Shindong Performed at the ROK’s 3rd Field Army “Love for the Country” in Gyeonggi-do



Yunho performed today at the ROK’s 3rd Field Army “Love for the Country” for veterans’ families in Gyeonggi-do. 500 people from the veterans’ families attended the concert today. Super Junior’s Shindong and Yunho performed along with the 3rd Field Army’s band. The concert was to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Kroran’s liberation and included rap, musical, magic show, taekwondo and a variety of performances.




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[PIC/Tran] 151221 A 26th Division Band Member’s Father Blogs about Yunho at Seojung College’s Year End Concert


Only Yunho-Related Parts Translted:

Around the end of August TVXQ’s enlisted U-Know Yunho was deployed to the 26th Division army band that our son belongs to. At the army band performance, he was the MC. When you see him in real-life, he is tall and handsome and his face is small. Indeed, celebrities are outstanding~
– mentions Red Velvet appearing and how girl idols are the best for soldier concerts~ ^^-
Yunho as SM’s big senior had asked for Red Velvet to appear.


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[Trans] 151221 The sale of 2016 Reversible Calendar, Bigeast Limited 2016 Table Calendar-Diary-TB Stuffed Toy has been decided!


■2016 Reversible Calendar 2,600 Yen(Tax included)

【Sale Date】12/24(Thu)16:00~ JST
【Bigeast Official Shop Limited Benefits】One Poster Calendar ( Size A2)

A customary 東方神起 monthly calendar every year.
Each and every casual moment that comes by everyday, we would like to spend those moments in a careful manner and have a happy year.
「A Day」, the fourth in the series that carries such a theme, it is imbued with (東方神起) members’ thoughts of “Always wanting to be close to the fans” and is titled「A day in the neighborhood」.

This is a work which was photographed in the neighboring location and scenery, imbued with the feeling of breathing in the same air and taking a walk in the neighborhood together with them.
From April 2016 to March 2017, there are 2 different pages for each month, so pick your favorite for display!




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