[PIC] 160318 More of Changmin During and After the 2016 Appointment Ceremony of KNPU Graduates


Partial Translation:

“realy handsome; let’s have a drink next time”


[cr: kyung.glider, Translated by @snxy]




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[PIC/Fanacc] 160318 Changmin and Siwon on Stage at the 2016 Appointment Ceremony of KNPU Graduates

Changmin and Siwon were spotted today on stage at the 2016 appointment ceremony of korean national police university (KNPU) graduates today in Seoul, which seems to be a big-scale ceremony with 1000 police officers attending including the President [cr: Daum via @snxy]. It seems like they were emcees at the ceremony,we only found videos of Siwon’s giving a speech though. Also apparently, the ceremony was on live broadcast today at 2pm KST [cr: polarisknpu, via @Shim_Ls2v2 in JP, via @joeylfy in EN]


Here are some official or non/fantaken photos and fanaccount of the event:



[cr: Official Korean Police Instagram (police_kor_official)]



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[FB] 160318 Discharged Police Promotion Unit Officier Shares Group Photos with Changmin and the Rest of the Unit Members

A discharged officer from the police promotion unit shared group photos with Changmin and the rest of the unit members on his facebook and instagram too.

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[Instagram] 160317 Officer Shim Changmin for SMPA Healing Concert at Jungnang-gu




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