[Non-Fanacc] 171014 Changmin Praised by People who Served in Same Police Station and Army with him


This comment was left under the naver video of JTBC’s Knowing Bros preview of Changmin at today’s TVXQ episode which will be broadcast soon at 08:50 PM (stream links at the end of this post).

OP was in the same police station as Changmin. Changmin is extremely Continue reading

[PIC] 170817 Early Preparations in front of SMPA Building for Changmin and Siwon’s Discharge Tomorrow

Although it’s been officially announced that their discharge will be done quietly and that no greeting event will happen, it seems that SMPA are taking some precautions either way. They have set up some crowd barriers to organise the area in front of the building. We can see some fans already waiting there.

Let’s hope Changmin’s discharge goes smoothly, and no accidents happen~

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[Trans/Official TVXQ! Website Update] 170817 Notice: Regarding Changmin’s Upcoming Discharge

{p/n: readers could refer to Donghae’s enlistment photos to see how the SMPA building location is not ideal for fans gathering at all. Issues exactly as described below are reasonable concerns, especially when it is not just cassiopeia who will be there. We hope fans respect Changmin’s wishes > <}



This is the TVXQ person in-charge.

While always being grateful to the fans who love TVXQ, this is also to provide information regarding the upcoming discharge of Choikang Changmin on August 18th.

To respect the wishes of Choikang Changmin who hopes to discharge quietly, there will not be any official event scheduled at the venue and as such, it is hoped that the fans will refrain from coming in-person. Continue reading

[Non-fanacc] 170626 On Spotting Sergeant Changmin Eating at the Cafeteria with Colleagues in SMPA


OP met Changmin at the police agency cafeteria while eating posted today (6/26)


As OP had some business to do, s/he went to the SMPA and was eating in its cafeteria when right beside her, s/he realised it was Changmin. As s/he didn’t want to burden him, s/he just kept peeking at him but felt sorry as everyone else seemed to be looking at him anyway. However, he was so handsome that s/he couldn’t tear her eyes away. Even the men were looking at him and her companions all kept looking and saying how handsome he is. As he was right beside her, Continue reading