[Non-fanacc] 170626 On Spotting Sergeant Changmin Eating at the Cafeteria with Colleagues in SMPA


OP met Changmin at the police agency cafeteria while eating posted today (6/26)


As OP had some business to do, s/he went to the SMPA and was eating in its cafeteria when right beside her, s/he realised it was Changmin. As s/he didn’t want to burden him, s/he just kept peeking at him but felt sorry as everyone else seemed to be looking at him anyway. However, he was so handsome that s/he couldn’t tear her eyes away. Even the men were looking at him and her companions all kept looking and saying how handsome he is. As he was right beside her, Continue reading

[PIC] 170613 Squad Leader Changmin from the Recent Mascot Show with the SMPA Promotions Unit

Another photo of Changmin at the recent mascot show, this one from the front! his name badge looks greenish here(?). In case this is not a mere reflection, it is possibly to indicate that he is a squad leader, like the green epaulettes for the other uniform~ looks like it was a reflection indeed haha

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