[Trans] 160228 About How People in the Ent. Industry View TVXQ and their Hard-working Manner


I have been working for a few days but already I’ve heard so many compliments about TVXQ that I’m overwhelmedㅠㅠㅠ in the broadcasting team, (they) are seen as pros amongst pros, rehearsals are done like the real stage and are great people who would try to “catch” something first before going to staff with an issue. In the lighting team, in the business, TVXQ are exactly “god” standard, without question.


Due to the investment of only the best manpower and equipmentㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠandㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ the young staff oppas ㅋㅋㅋㅋ although it’s a secret, Continue reading

[Instagram] 160228 Dancer Choi Hyoje Wants Changmin to Come Back Quickly~


TVXQ Dancer Choi Hyoje shared a clip of Changmin during Tohoshinki 10th Anniversary event (from We are T 2nd DVD), in which he was talking about what dancers meant to him and Yunho, and said that “they(yunho+him) have never thought of the dancers/band as “backing” but as their pride; their dancers/band.”




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#도련님 #빨리와 #심심해 #심창군

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[VID] 160209 Avex Uploaded HD Full Version of Some of 東方神起 2011~2013 Music Videos~

Two weeks ago Avex seems to have uploaded the full version of some of Tohoshinki’s 2011~2013 Music Videos. Finally we can watch their full version legally instead of living with the short version right~ so everyone let’s share these videos from now on! There is no need for those who didn’t bought the MVs to go for the illegal uploads either~




  • Why? (Keep Your Head Down)




  • DUET -winter version-

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[Instagram] 160227 Changmin in Coach Woo Jiwon’s Post , Reminiscing his Filming for Cool Kiz On The Block~


Basketball Coach Woo Jiwon posted an old photo from when he was filming the Basketball series for KBS’s Cool Kiz On The Block, the variety show which Changmin starred in as an MC.




Translation (extract):

Memories of the celebrity team…





Basketball Coach Woo jiwon’s Instagram (woojiwon10),
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JP-EN Translation by @joeylfy,
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[Instagram] 160227 Soldier Yunho Treated BoA to Lunch with his Military Salary~



#Soldier friend Yunho~~^^ having seen you who is doing well~~ the visitation was also my first~~thanks to this friend, Continue reading

[INFO] 160227 Tohoshinki was Crowned Best Asian Artist for 3 Years Consecutively at the Japan Gold Disc Award 2016!!

Despite their very few releases and being active in Japan in 2015 for less than half a year, Tohoshinki managed to be crowned as the best Asian Artist at the Japan Gold Disc Award 2016 again, making it their 3rd consecutive crown!! They have also won with WITH TOUR DVD the Best Music Video (Asia) Award! (Album WITH already won best album on the 2015 awards, you can check it here).


Best Asian Artist (Asia):


160227 Tohoshinki wins 2 crowns at the 30th Japan Gold Disc Award (2016) 000


Best Music Video (Asia): Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015 WITH Continue reading

[Trans] 160225 News About TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR T1ST0RY ‘I AM HERE BESIDE YOU’ Photobook Release on 2/26



TVXQ’s concert photobook “I AM HERE BESIDE YOU” will be launched on the 26th.

This photobook is composed of the on-site photographs of the 10 stops of TVXQ’s 10th anniversary commemorative special Iive tour, TVXQ! SPECIAL LIVE TOUR – T1ST0RY- tour which started from December 2014 and ended in June, 2015, allowing you to feel as though you are at the scene of the concert.

In particular, this photobook is composed of 4 combined parts Continue reading

[Trans] 160226 Announcing the 2016 The Shilla Duty Free TVXQ! Screening Festival in Seoul at 160409!!

2016 The Shilla Duty Free TVXQ! Screening Festival in Seoul

Date: 4/9 Saturday, 6 pm KST
Venue: Seoul
No. of Participants: 400 ma Continue reading