[PIC] 160322 TVXQ’s T1ST0RY Stage Costumes being Exhibited at the Seoul Fashion Week


TVXQ’s and other artists stage costumes were being Exhibited at the Seoul Fashion Week. Here are TVXQ’s from T1ST0RY Tour:

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[Trans] 160321 Son Hojoon Talks about Yunho in his Interview for Magazine SURE – April Issue~


Excerpt from Son Hojun’s Interview with SURE magazine, April Issue (Yunho-only parts translated):



Q. Who have you met with, most recently?

Not too long ago, I met with (U-Know) Yunho. He was out on a break from the army. Whenever Yunho is on a break, we would meet. (Yoo) Yeon-suk (another celebrity)’s home is nearby so I see him often. And also, with the noonas and hyungs, I see other people as well.


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[INFO] 160321 Set-list of the 26th Division Army Band Performance at the Lighting Museum in Yangju was Revealed!


For the 26th division army band performance on the 2nd of april at the Lighting Museum in Yangju, the event official website revealed the band’s set list!

Four songs will be performed by Bulmuri-shinki, which Yunho is part of~



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[Instagram] 160321 Dancer Hyoje’s Misses the Enlisted Hyung who Wiped off his Sweat~



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[Fanacc] 160324 About TVXQ’s Relation to Jaewon’s Decision to Direct EXO’s Concert~


From the EXO’luXion Epilogue event today at Coex Artium in which Shim Jaewon was present, and it seems that he talked about how TVXQ convinced him to accept the proposal to direct EXO’s concert~




[tweet https://twitter.com/MyBoy_Xing/status/712990112171175936]



When he received the proposal to direct exo’s concert, it was during TVXQ’s concert so he had concerns. At the wrap party (TVXQ’s), Shim Jaewon was seated with TVXQ on both sides. The next thing was that he had accepted (the offer) unconditionally.


[tweet https://twitter.com/tvxq1226206218/status/712994508032466946]


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