[Twitter] 160319 SOLIDEMO’s Producer and Member Mukaiyama Takeshi on 東方神起 TREE Documentary Film



{p/n: we have subbed the documentary video: here}


SOLIDEMO’s Producer’s Tweet:

[tweet https://twitter.com/KOKI_SOLIDEMO/status/711008950796156928]

I love you, the song is beautiful, and I had tears when I listened to their interview. Amazing~



SOLIDEMO’s member (vocalist) Mukaiyama Takeshi in response to the above tweet:


[tweet https://twitter.com/TAKE_SOLIDEMO/status/711050468332417026]

I listen to it everyday too! Continue reading

[PIC/Fanacc] 160319 Yunho Spotted Today with Army Mates at Yangju’s Emart!

Yunho was spotted by a fan at Yangju’s Emart! Do you think he saw TVXQ’s emart products~?!

Fanaccount with Translation:


[tweet https://twitter.com/minkyuong1/status/711147906842013696]

Fan personally saw Yunho with his army mates shopping at the Yangju emart today!!


[tweet https://twitter.com/minkyuong1/status/711151875739914240]

yunho at the yangju emart today. She didn’t get to take a pic together but he was laughing with his mates while shopping Continue reading

[Twitter] 160319 DORIANS’ Tsutsumi Taiki Wrote about the GOLD Mission Filming in Higuchi Tofu





Hello everyone of Bigeast! Many thanks to Higuchi Tofu-san who gave us a warm welcome and allowed us to film a lot at their cute store ☆ it was raining at the venue on filming day. In the bus, Continue reading