[VID/Partial Trans] 160323 BIGEAST Fanclub – Tohoshinki THE GOLD MISSION #018

Tohoshinki THE GOLD MISSION #018



Part 6 and the last of the Tofu~shinki mission~♪

Can you expect the final results?!!



Partial Translations by @snxy :


  • They have to cut the tofu up in the ice-cold water (7 degrees) – Changmin’s like !!!!
  • changmin can’t take the cold, his hands are cold..am i making a big fuss .. www tofu comes out well tho

  • changmin just goes ahh over how cold his hands are. Yunho confidently says he can cut in the cold water

  • everyone’s quietly watching yunho. then suddenly he stops. MC: wht is it? Yunho (coolly): my hands r cold.

  • He walks away and MC asks Yunho, what is it. Changmin answers for him: his hands are cold. Yunho (acting cool)

  • Everyone’s laughing. Yunho: as (my hands) are frozen, it’s hard to move. Yunho tries to grab MC’s hands
  • yunho calls his tofu- snowflake tofu. changmin says he didn’t do it well but as compared to yh’s.. www

  • so while Changmin’s tofu turned out well and tasted nice, it wasn’t mixed evenly enough.
  • master said yunho’s tofu tasted like their own!! despite the appearance. changmin goes to try too.

  • changmin says it’s delicious. yunho tries it too and says it tastes better than he expected.

  • the master is even describing yunho’s tofu using the name he gave it “snow flower”

  • Changmin breaking down after drinking the bitter soy drink. MC asks him to look at the camera.






Bigeast Official Website,
Partially translated by @snxy ,
Video by @smilessi of TVXQ! Express,
Posted and Shared by TVXQ! Express

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