[INFO] 170508 Dice Superstar with SMTOWN, a New Game as Collaboration with Polygon Games


In collaboration with Polygon Games, SM’s new dice board game called Dice Superstar with SMTown (Dice Superstar). Service to begin formally in one to two months’ time. IT is based on the concept of a real-time board game where users can create their own entertainment companies and hold world tours with SMTown stars. You can collect and upgrade skills and so on by collecting the over 200 types of star cards available. Thus game will have artiste characters and dice: real-time challenges; ranking system; card-making and other various contents. There will be special events held as part of advance reservation commemorative promotions.


Game app on apple store (here) and google play (here). The game description there as follows:

■ Game Introduction ■

Meet your favorite starts playing ‘Dice Superstar with SMTOWN’

♡ Challenge World Tour with Your Stars!
Go on your World Tour with your favorite K-POP Stars.

♡ Hold Concerts Strategically in World Famous Cities with your Stars and Maximize Profit!
Staging costs and entrance fees will vary depending on the stats of the Stars you have grown.

♡ A Variety of Skills of Stars!
Each star has a unique skill per his/her album title!
Lead your World Tour using those skills with precise timing and strategy!

♡ Thrilling Real Time Matches!
Play with other CEOs around the world in the real time!
You can play with your friend as a team.

♡ Roll the Dice Featuring Stars!
Various dice design with stars’ nicknames, group logos and etc.
Fancy effects of dice motion

♡ Cute Star Characters Design!
Star characters designed according to their album title concept
Stars’ real voice exclusively recorded for Dice Superstar

■ Community ■

Official Community: http://cafe.naver.com/dicesuperstar






This is Game,
Translated by @snxy,
Video by Dice superstar,
Shared by TVXQ! Express


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